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February 09, 2019


02/09/2019 09:19 PM 

Rules! - Please Read ;-; -

I do have a set of rules in case anyone adds me or I add them! I'd realllly appreciate it if you read them, because I wrote them and it'd be sad if you,like, didn't read them! ;-; 1-Greetings. SO! Big one right here, heh. Don't add me and send a send a half-baked greeting. Like a simple 'hello' and '...I'd love to discuss...' will work for me! A '...' or a 'Wanna F***K' is the quickest way to meet my exit door, and I'd hate to remove you because I like having friends and wanna RP with everyone. You can send a random starter if it's good, if it's not please hold off. 2-Literacy. I don't expect much, I think I'm more then fair with what I accept. You don't need to write me a novel with filler details, if you misspell something small that's fine. My issue is when I cannot understand you in the slightest! I just Semi to Complete Literacy. If not, I'm gonna have to delete you. I will warn you a few times just because I understand maybe you might be tired, but otherwise just make a complete sentence I can read. 3-Length. Please, all I really want is something I can respond to asap. Three Sentences to Two Paragraphs. Give me something to read and respond to, but don't give half a chapter of a book because nothing demotes me more then needing to write a chapter book to respond to your chapter book or send a text to your text outside of OOC. We make stories you know?


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