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02/09/2019 11:04 PM 

[RP Advice] OC x Canon (Let Chemistry Build)
Category: Blogging

One thing I’ve noticed with this topic, is many MANY OC makers will have a stated relationship with a canon character. There are many things to discuss with this topic, but let’s cut to the chase. IF you do have your character written to be in a relationship with a canon character, you really should not force that vision onto a canon RPer themselves. With a canon RPer, you cannot expect your partner to just be ok with the shipping.

A canon RPer will portray as canon, without adjusting them. Realize that canon means original, in other words; a canon character will not know who your OC is, regardless if you wrote it down in your character’s bio. Canon characters cannot be forced into a shipping, the relationship needs to be built from the ground-up. You cannot throw your OC to a canon RPer and expect them to just fall into the story you created.

Now, it’s another story if you DISCUSS FIRST before you take on OC x Canon. Not only is it respectful for your partner, but it’s being considerate. If your canon partner accepts to adjust according to your OC, then it is perfectly fine to ship. Other than that? you need to let the bonds form by themselves.


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