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Sakai clan|Ayato Sakai

Aspect Gluttony: The practice of canablisim is taboo for those hosting Chaos seeds within within them, and those who relish in it are granted both a boon as well as a curse. With the boon they become vessels of the Void. Beings able to consume anything that exisits on the physical, and spirtual plane if they are non-organic objects, or beings. Corpses would be the sole loop hole for this if not for plants that can be consumed when they are dying. Poison, toxins, and venom have no effect when devoured, but shall gain 3x the original effect when injected directly into him. Anything magical such as Chi, Chakra, Ki, Qi, and other forms of energy that could be gathered under a similar umprella can be consumed at the cost of aging depending on the amount of energy that was absorbed. This requires physical contact of any kind to be effective as well.

Ire Manipulation: Ire is a substance that would resemble molten lava at its core, but is actually ink. A potent ink that blends shadow, and unknown flesh into one. It is easily manipulated, and responds to comands by telepathy alone. Ayato calls upon it easily, but when called upon he himself is in danger of being consumed. For this is the power of a calamity that he has summoned. An all consuming force that is hungry for power that reaches beyond the stars. It can be molded into any form, and unlike other substances it is one with those that control it. Taking blood for itself. Replacing all flesh. The Ire can be harder than steel, or softer than a snow. It all is dictated by will alone. A single touch can melt bones, and sear flesh. Beasts, and man that consume it are corrupted by its influence. Forced into its thrall, and placed into a state beyond life&death. They become 'bound'. Beings similar to the familiar of a vampire, but stripped of free will. Thrown into a collective of minds whilist keeping a body that is no longer their own.

Calamity Core: This is the core of being, and existence within Ayato. It is melded by faith, and further changed by how others view his myth. Because of this the traditional Japanese stories that depict the Tengu can easily be mutated into something more. That means that while Ayato can normally be seen as an ordinary Yokai to one person he may also be viewed as an utter monstrosity to others. As for his core it takes the place of his heart, and appears to be a small book pumping gossip, rumors, and legends formed by him throughout his entire being. This both empowers, and binds him to the view of society as a whole though. So while his form may appear human on the outside his true for his that of a monsterous beast that knows no true humanity.

Chakra|Chi Senses: One of the less dynamic abilities of Ayato it allows him to smell, see, and sense chakra around him. Its limits are truly unknown, but Ayato has shown to have a lack of skill when using it at any given time. So just assume it caps at around 10, or 15 feet around him. Of course this is limited to the sensing ability as he is a fairly skilled tracker, and has been shown to trace the lingering scent of chakra from miles away alongside seeing it in order to hunt down his foes. When faced with others forms of mystical energy the ability behaves in a similar if it leaves any traces behind.

Chakra Manifestation: As par of the course for a shinobi trained within the world of Naruto Ayato can of course use chakra in various ways. However the most profound methods in his arsenal have been the teachings of Ninjutsu the art of channeling chakra into elements. Taijutsu the art of wielding ones physical body , and enhancing it with chakra. Fuuinjutsu the art of weaving seals onto paper using ink, and finally Eijutsu[Medical]&Kugutsu[Puppetry] the arts of healing alongside puppetry.


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