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Personal Traits

Personal Traits
Sakai clan|Ayato Sakai

[As a disclaimer this is different from the abilities section. In this I will give an overview of what makes Ayato Sakai special outside of combat. So that includes things suc as cooking, or education with a few added bonuses. Enjoy.]

Flesh&Blood: While he may seem to be forged from steel, and granite the creature known as Tengu amongst the masses is actually a still a mortal at heart. Be it sword, spear, or bullet he can fall just as the next person can. He'll bleed when cut. Scream when shot, or simply wade into an eternal slumber if suffocated. However that doesn't mean it is easy, so the rest is up to you.

Meat Dependency: While humans can eat grains, and vegetables they don't exactly need meat to survive. It is different for Ayato as he has required a self created dependency upon raw meat, bones, and the flesh of humans. Without it his body will regress, and send him into shock by slowly causing him to age until he appears to be little more than an old man. This transformation is of course temporary, and will revert if he has meat once more. However it should be duely noted that his hunger is beyond that of any man, or beast in this state.

Feral Nature: By instinct alone you consider Ayato to be more beast than man. Of course he didn't always start out this way, but his more demented half has long since taken over causing him to often behave like an animal. At these times he will know no reason, and assualt those around him without any care for friend, or foe. Opposed to people he'll flee to areas that have been less populated by humans, simply hunt those that approach him until a blood bath is left in his wake.

Shapeshifting: While rare Ayato has been known to take on the form of a woman ever so briefly. While in other times he has used this ability a bit more horrifically. Usually he does so by ripping the faces off of still living victims, and absorbing them into his own. Thus he can shift faces at any given time without the need to change his entire body. It is his most well known, and well hidden ace.

Ninja&Yokai Slaying Skills: This rather self explained as it is just the accumulated knowledge from both fields he is proficient in. This covers a wide variety of topics such as knowledge of Yokai, and the methods most effective when hunting them. Or basic, and advanced jutsu formula that can be used to do a wide variety of trap set up across open battle fields or in stealth operations.

Alchemical Jutsu Formula: Perhasps the most unknown, and rare skill of Ayato is his creation of a formula that combines the seperate fields of Ninjutsu, and Alchemy into one in order to create various forms of technology unlike any seen in the Shinobi world. In his case it can come in form of weapons using raw chakra gathered from the atmosphere around them as power sources, or self operating puppets programed to replicate the moves of their foes with ease. The options are limitless, but the application is not.


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