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Post by Cro™ on Feb 23, 2009 at 8:33pm

Name : Cro 
Age : 17
Sex : Male 
Class : Elite Solider 
Species : Humanoid 
Race : Saiyajin 
Attacks : Galick Gun, Ki Blasts, Explosive Wave 
Forms : Ooozaru [Great Ape] Super-Saiyajin 
Interests : Fighting, freeing The Saiya-jin race from Slavery, training, destroying worlds, 
Family : Ayame Bukar [Sister] Mayumi Bukar [Mother] 
Appearance : 

Background/History : Like most Saiya-jin he was born on The Planet Vegeta. When he was born, he had a rather low power-level. His father never really aknowledged his existance because of his abnormally low power-level. He was ultimately ignored by most of The Saiyan Infants. None of them would even look at them. Even as infants they knew this newly born Saiya-jin was nothing. He was trash, he probably wouldn't even make a good solider. During the time he was born. His father got a mission from King Vegeta and Frieza to goto another planet and destroy it. Kill everything and anyone that lived on there. The inhabitants of the world weren't that strong. 

The days went by and he hadn't returned. One of The Soliders that had returned from the mission. He had told King Vegeta that the other solider hadn't returned and was most likely dead. Cro's father's scouter had went dead and his ki level went dead as well. Cro only had his mother to care for him know. King Vegeta than learned a few months after Father Cro's death. That it was all a trap. That the planet Father Cro went to was an Changeling planet and that Father Cro was ambushed and killed. Feeling enraged and betrayed by The Changeling. 

This prompted King Vegeta to confront Freiza about it. When Freiza was asked about it he just laughed. King Vegeta than lunged at Freiza and than Freiza killed King Vegeta. That left young Prince Vegeta in Freiza's hands. Which was all according to plan. Freiza wanted to mold The Young Prince into a Tyrant like him. Which would suit him just fine. He saw the fire and power in Prince Vegeta's eyes. A year would pass since King Vegeta's death. 

When Cro had reached the age of 1. Still being considered weak and trash, Freiza sent Cro to a distant planet. It had no name and barely any inhabitants. He was sent there to hone his skills as a fighter. Having no fighting training or survival training. Little Cro was on his own. The planet itself was filled with weak mutants. Even with no fighting training Cro should be able to take them down easily. Took them down he dead. When he reached to be about 6 years old. 

That's when The Saiya-jin pod would come. He would be taken by Prince Vegeta and Nappa and escorted back to Planet Vegeta. That's where he would be presented to Freiza at his current state. He could have taken over a small planet with ease. He detested Freiza but served him for the time being. He didn't know that Freiza had sent his father on a Suicide mission though. As the months turned to years. Cro continued to hone his skills as a Saiya-jin fighter. 

Under the watchfull eye of Prince Vegeta, he became an almost mirror image of The Prince. Prince Vegeta taught Cro The Order of The Saiyans, and there code of Pride. Prince Vegeta also taught Cro his Galick Gun and showed him how The Saiyans use the moon to transform into the oozaru and use there 'true' power to topple there opponents. Only thing Prince Vegeta didn't teach him was how to turn into a Super Saiyan. Prince Vegeta was going to keep that as his own trump-card. Cro was molded into an Elite Warrior of The Saiya-jin race. Not as strong as Prince Vegeta though. Cro was the 10th strongest Saiya-jin on Planet Vegeta. 

At the age of 13 Cro had finally heard about his father's death. How it was all Freiza's fault. That enraged him and he planned an assault on Freiza. He nearly executed the plan to perfection. He got near Freiza but than was stopped by The Ginyu Force. He than battled Reecome and Jeice near Freiza's thrown room. It was a back and forth battle. Cro won it though. He was beaten and bruised and couldn't fight Freiza like this. He than fleed back to another part of Planet Vegeta. Word quickly spread about the battle between Cro and The Ginyu Force. That forced Freiza took take drastic actions. 

Freiza couldn't have a Saiyan this strong on Planet Vegeta. Freiza feared that Cro might become a Super Saiyan and try to free The Saiyan Race from slavery. Freiza had to think up a plan. There was still some talk around Planet Vegeta because of the battle. Freiza than thought of a dastardly plan. He would send Cro to Iceria, Freiza's home world. That was a perfect plan. Freiza than contacted Cro and told him that Cro needed to go on a training mission to Iceria. Not knowing it was a trap. He went to Iceria for his 'training mission' 

When Cro got to Iceria he was greated by many changelings. He knew what was going to happen. He battled The Changelings the best he could. After the battle he was nearly dead, he wasn't going to die on this planet. A group of changelings came to kill him off for good. That's when it happened. Cro had enough. He transformed into a Super Saiyan. He killed the small group of Changelings with Ease. He escaped the planet in his Saiya-jin space-pod and than blew up the planet with his Galick Gun attack. His Saiya-jin pod than flew back to Planet Vegeta. With his new power he could finally take down Freiza. 

He got back to what was left of Planet Vegeta. It had been blown to peices by Freiza, He had heard the news of Cro's new transformaton. Freiza made his way back to his own home-planet, Iceria and now the rest of The Saiya-jin race was scattered over the universe. Cro found a little planet called "Earth" that's where he was heading. Maybe the rest of the lost Saiya-jins would find their way there. Than they could all plot a way to destroy Freiza. Than maybe there race could be free. They could become the proud warriors they had once been. Cro's pride is the only thing that holds him together. He will keep it intact no matter what. He doesn't care the cost, he is a proud Saiya-jin warrior. That's all he will ever be.


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