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February 15th, 2019

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January 16, 2019


02/10/2019 07:15 PM 

Fateful Fight With An Imposter

The dust settled rather quickly after the sudden bursts of energy ceased. In the air, an unnamed figure with a shadow cast over him. The only thing currently visible was his piercing red eyes. On the ground stood Earth's mightiest warrior and, most currently, the Future's defender. 

"Ahh yes... This is almost exactly as I remember it happening back then. You may not be him, but your fighting has been heavily influenced by Goku." His voice was rather raspy, but the familiarity was there and Vegito picked it up. "You're right." The fusion-saiyan spoke, "More influenced than you'd ever know."
"Oh, I have an idea." Retorted the figure, exuding a rather ominous aura as he floated from the shadows. It was none other than Goku Black! "The potara dangling from your ears are more than a tell that you've fused. A fusion of who, though? Vegeta and Goku? Yes... That'd make the most sense." 
The villain's smirk grew as he continued, "Now, what would your name be? Vegoku? Vegerott? Gogeta?"

"Vegito, actually." The fusion was fairly visibly losing his patience with the mocking psuedo-saiyan. "And while part of me is itching to fight you using that body..." his anger had begun to shake the ground, sparks and electricity shot from his legs, feet and hands to the ground, splitting a few pebbles here and there. "The other half can't stand seeing a wannabe god defiling the sanctity of a Saiyan's body... HAAAA!" 

The man yelled, becoming enshrouded in a golden aura, his already spiky hair changing to a light blonde. "You dare take Goku's body and parade around the future, TRUNKS' FUTURE, pretending to be some almighty and benevolent god here to free these people from their lives in the name of justice?! To hell with your justice! To hell with the gods! And to hell..." 
His hand shot up to his face, index and middle fingers touching his forehead. He used instant transmission, swiftly appearing above the woefully prepared Goku Black. 

"...WITH YOU!" His hand, surrounded by the same shimmering golden glow, shining like the sun, slammed down atop the dark god's head, sending him rocketing to the ground with an Earth-shattering BTHOOOOOM. The punch shook the windows out of the nearest crumbling buildings, even splitting the foundation of the closest, causing it to fall to the ground. 


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