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02/11/2019 12:02 AM 

[RP Advice] God-Modding (A HUGE “NO!”)
Category: Blogging

One of the main issues with RP now-a-days is God Modding. Many OCs are amped up with it. God Modding means a character cannot die or is constantly dodging being attacked or a direct hit. It’s absolutely inexcusable to over power (OP) your characters like this. Parts of God Modding also include using auto-hitting and instant death or instant kill. There ARE certain characters that ARE canon to these features, however, you cannot apply them as invincible.

There are rules against this, as it can change the RP into a chaotic debate on timely replies. For one; you cannot kill someone with a line that says “kills you” that would he considered instant death. You cannot continuously dodge an unavoidable attack like Heartless Angel but it CAN BE PARRIED if timed just right. For two; you cannot simply get up after a fatal blow. I see a lot of “the attack misses” lines or “gets up and attacks” lines in some spots. 

When you’re a canon character that has these features, you need to be mindful that the character does have limits too. Many bosses have a ranged level of their skills, but they are not to be increased in strength, leave them as they originally are. Keep in mind, invincible canon characters do too have weakness, otherwise we would be unable to defeat them. Respect the character and do not alter them.

Remember; God Modding has quite a list of features. But, canon characters who have these featured are also limited and do have weakness. Do your homework/research and do NOT ever God Mod, it creates an unfair playing field for those of us who simply want to have fun.


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