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02/11/2019 07:36 PM 

[RP Advice] Character Sharing/Control (Disrespectful For Admins)
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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is along the lines of God-Modding, but I decided it deserved its own segment. I’m talking about Character Sharing or Character Controlling.

There are a NUMBER of RPers out there who do this. They will take full control of their partner’s characters just to make the story go the way they want it to. I myself have had it happen to me. When a story isn’t going the way our partner wants it to, they tend to take control of your character just to make the story into what they imagine.

No one is discriminated in this as all RPers have done this, one way or another. A lot of us RPers do not like it when you, the partner, take control of our characters. It’s disrespectful and it is very rude, we do not like it when you control our characters. Canon RPers tend to suffer the most with this, as they have a certain way of portraying their characters. 


An Ignis RPer writing with a Ravus, that Ravus writes Ignis’s role on what he wants to happen. The Ignis RPer does not have in mind what Ravus does, it ruins their idea completely and shifts the story into a disaster.

An OC RPer has a love interest in Gladio, the OC writer controls Gladio into a completely whole other personality that isn’t part of Gladio at all. The Gladio RPer finds this rude and asks not to control his character.

These above examples are what character sharing/control is, and how easily it can flip a story upside its head. It’s unfair to the writer of the character and it’s disrespectful to both admin and character. UNLESS the writer agrees to sharing control of a character, you have absolutely no say in what your partner’s character does. Let the characters do as their writers allow.

It’s another thing if partners agree to allow control, discuss first, never assume you can freely control someone else’s character.

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Posted on Tue Feb 12, 2019, 10:27

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