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02/11/2019 07:59 PM 

To keep the chapter open

Hello! This is the user of Battlelands speaking here! While I get the other three characters sorted out and a starter for them worked on, I will post a few notes here that will be wise to fallow if you want to ensure no problems come across.

- Each subject is meant for a long term rp and come with their own environments. So it will really help things if you do not use any info gained to instantly find said subject just to begin battle with them. Let the story lead up to the battle and not what you want.

- Don't wish to battle? That's fine! We can chat or get an rp discussed in a environment of your choice. If I do not know how to portray said environment I will say so. Try not to be childish and throw a hissy fit if I can't provide what you want.

- My replies may end up lengthy at times, do not fell pressured to match me. As long as you show effort, that's all that matters to me. I want this to be as enjoyable as possible, so as long as I understand what you are saying, you will not receive any kind of grammar check from me. But this is not a pass to type like you are on a cell phone. And remember! Third person not first.

- As long as I know the universe, I will try my best to rp it for you if asked. But if not, I'll see what I can do within the subjects I have made to be rped with.

- This may be a place where you can see your character in action and winning battles may not be this account's goal, that will be no reason to start god modding and assuming everything to ever come after your character in a rp weak.

- We can chat if desired, no discord and not digging into my rl.

- I will not support nor participate in pointless drama.

- Lastly, I do not want to see any interpretation of my subject in someone's edit without permission. Ask first if you really enjoy yourself and want to make an edit.

Enjoy yourself and do try to have a good time here!


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