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Arawn's full story.

Arawn Gan’ceann is what the world called a dullahan. Most realms knew them as headless beings that would reap the souls of the dead or the dying. By human standards, dullahans have a bad reputation due to the rumors they will use spines as whips and skin humans to use for their carriages when they are being ridden around by horses. The humans don’t understand that without the dullahans in the world, the world would be corrupt by evil spirits, seeing only the evil instead of the good. They don’t even know how a dullahan is made or who creates them. Well, here is the story of Arawn and how they came to be in this world.

Not much is known about Arawn’s past before becoming a dullahan. No idea if they were human or some other type of creature entirely. There was a female being that resided in the realm and had ruled over the realm of the dead and darkness where the dullahan remain when they aren’t passing through other realms to collect the lost or dying souls of that realm. She appeared to be the head of the realm as she was the one who created all the dullahan’s. She was known as the queen or the goddess of this realm. No one knew her backstory, but no one questioned her.

The other dullahan’s of the realm had come together to greet the queen and arrive to welcome their new member when they were created. Each dullahan had a unique name. They often related to the name of a death god in the realm but wasn’t necessarily the case. Each Dullahan would grab a unique soul from a different realm and they merge the souls together. Once the soul emerged into one soul, the female leader would inject her black blood into the soul, polluting the soul and begin to give it a form. When the soul formed a body, it took the previous forms that it had and then took a form of black energy clad in black armor from the neck down. The head would default to a black orb appearance with glowing yellow eyes. They could alter it down the line, but only through time until they become familiar with their new form.

When the body took form, the queen announced the new dullahan that appeared, blessing them with the name Arawn Gan’ceann. The dullahan’s all shared the same last names and were given the clan name Gan’ceann, despite having no blood connection to one another. They welcomed the new addition to their clan. The queen told them that there were rules each member of the clan to follow. Rule one was to always come when summoned to the realm by the queen. Rule two was to always have a soul to offer to the queen when summoned. Rule three was to do the best to avoid human suspicion, seeing they did not have a good reputation to the humans. The next rule was that they must return to the realm to recharge, seeing their dark powers weren’t able to last forever. The last rule she told Arawn was to never bring gold into the realm or get near gold. Gold diminished their powers and kept them from using their full strength. When she mentioned the word gold, the others shuddered in fear, showing just how deathly afraid they were of the material.

Arawn understood the rules of the realm and agreed to them, but the woman who ruled them mentioned she had the right to add to the rules if she deemed fit. It seemed to be the usual for the group of dullahan, but Arawn was new to the rules. Arawn agreed to the rules and soon she dismissed the dullahan to go back to their duties. Each one seemed different somehow. From active to closed off and quiet. It was personally due to the type of souls they received. Arawn’s soul was still developing so their personality wasn’t quite together just yet, so a couple of the others helped Arawn. There were some that seemed friendly so it seemed to be a benefit for Arawn. They took Arawn to one of their realms to show them the ropes and eventually Arawn got the hang of it.

As time went for Arawn, they were developing more and more, coming into their abilities and even wielding their powers. All Arawn did though was their duty and then leave again. They never seemed to find anything to interest them or stick out. One of the dullahan’s ended up convincing Arawn to go with them to the realm they resided in. In this realm, the world seems to be a more modern world.  When they arrived, they immediately used their skills to hide their identities to pass as humans in the realm. The dullahan was adamant on getting Arawn to find in interest in their life and give them something to do when they weren’t taking souls from the dying or the dead. Arawn didn’t seem too fond of the world until they passed a hospital. They thought they could do some work while they were around and went to check the hospital.

Arawn roamed the halls for a while and soon found himself in a pediatric ward, seeing kids running around and playing and one girl sitting by herself. Arawn approached the girl and when they saw the girl looking to him, it felt strange. It was like she was staring passed Arawn’s appearance into the true appearance of Arawn. Who was this girl exactly? Did they know about the dullahan’s? It was confusing, but Arawn was intrigued with the girl. Arawn sat there and began to bond with the girl and eventually, the time passed and their bond grew. Arawn found out the girl was interested in technology. It made Arawn curious to learn more and soon they were interested as well. Time went by and Arawn had to leave the hospital, waving to the girl before they left. When they left, the dullahan found where they were and had seen what had happened. They advised not to get attached to the girl, explaining she wasn’t far on the list of souls they had to claim. Arawn wasn’t surprised but understood. It didn’t stop their enjoyment and desire to spend time with the young girl.

Time went by and Arawn came to spend time with the sickly girl when they could until the dullahan who kept an eye on the realm told the queen of the realm. At first she didn’t seem to be an issue, but they weren’t fond of their race getting attached to other creatures of the realms. Humans were no different to them. She didn’t want their race to connect and told them to keep an eye on Arawn in case Arawn decided to break the rules and decided to keep Arawn from the girl’s soul when the time came to pass on. They agreed, not allowing Arawn to know this. One of the dullahan didn’t feel it was right to keep it a secret and decided to tell Arawn. When Arawn found this out, they couldn’t understand the issue with them being around the human. They never mentioned their secrets and didn’t break any rules. It made Arawn begin to fill with anger. The first time Arawn felt comfortable outside the realm and they wanted to get in Arawn’s way. Arawn decided to come up with a plan.

The night of the girl’s passing, Arawn was being summoned while the other dullahan who kept an eye on the realm was going to take the girl’s soul, but Arawn wasn’t answering.  Arawn spent the evening, comforting the girl until she passed away in her sleep, receiving a gift from her, a gold hairpin with their names on it to remember their time together. At first, the hairpin scared Arawn, but it was from her and so Arawn agreed to take it. From there, Arawn took the soul of the girl before the other dullahan could appear and vanished back to the realm of darkness, acting like nothing ever happened. Arawn apologized to the queen, saying they were following the list they had to reap the souls they needed to. It was until the other dullahan appeared furious now and got in Arawn’s face about the situation. Of course, Arawn denied it in front of the queen. The queen saw the two squabble and she stood off her throne and stomped her heeled food, causing a shockwave knock them both back into some dark pillars of physical energy.  The queen was having no more of this tomfoolery. She spoke to the other dullahan and told them to leave. They dullahan refused but she used her powers to send them away to another realm.

She approached Arawn and glared at him, explaining how she was displeased she was. Arawn didn’t care. Arawn was loyal up until the point they were told to stand down. What was that loyalty worth to the queen? Arawn didn’t agree with that and made a just decision. The queen had grabbed Arawn by their throat and lifts them off the ground, threatening that if they pull something like this again, they would cease to exist. Arawn did have natural fear from the threat, but Arawn wasn’t going to follow a queen who was going to keep Arawn on a collar and leash. While in the queen’s struggle, Arawn grabbed the hairpin from their pocket and jammed it into the throat of the queen. She laughed at first at their attempt, but when she felt her power weakening, she realized it was a gold object. It was absorbing her power. Her confident look now becomes psychotic, looking to Arawn with the intent to kill. Arawn would break free from the weakened queen’s grasp and pushed the queen down, getting on top and pressing the hairpin deeper into her neck. The queen’s energy was being drained as she screamed, kicked and cries out. In a last ditch effort, she calls for the others to come to help her.


By the time they arrive though, what little energy she had wasn’t enough to sustain her as a threat to the dullahan. Arawn pulled the hairpin from her neck and stood over the queen. Arawn declared her rule over. Arawn grabbed the queen by their hair and pulled their weakened form to their feet, putting a hand on the queen’s neck and marked her with a mark to insigniate that her rule was over and she was now a mere servant to the realm of darkness. The former queen uttered out that she would curse Arawn for eternity and that they will fail as the new ruler. Arawn took the throne and looked to the others. They were surprised at Arawn’s actions, but didn’t choose to reject it. Arawn had the power the queen did. Did it make any difference to Arawn? No. Arawn didn’t want the throne. Arawn just didn’t want to be controlled for what they could and could not do while following the rules of the realm. The queen’s rules were just, but her actions to keep Arawn away from the young girl, was not. They stepped off the throne and used their powers to summon a scythe and cut down the throne, removing any hierarchy, but even with the throne gone; most of the dullahan’s recognize Arawn as their unofficial ruler. From that point, nothing seemed to change, except the dullahan’s having free reign around the realms, keeping in line to the rules the former queen set, allowing Arawn to take free reign of their life.


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