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March 22nd, 2019

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November 12, 2018


03/13/2019 03:44 PM 


Eyes of Horus-The eyes will give Setzo full few of a 360 degree site. This will make sure no one can ever assassinate or strike from behind. Also also Setzo to be deadly accurate with any attack being aimed directly towards the weak spot of any target.

 Spear of Ra- The Spear of Life is also known as. The Spear can cause massive destruction if it’s user wishes too. The Spear taps the energy of every star in the cosmos and can use Nova’s like a gun uses bullets. Fires large pillars of flame that would melt Demonic metal. The user can tap into the very power of Ra which is that of the Phoenix. Which allows the user to become invincible for a short period of time only to burn away into ash....but after a day become completely reborn. This can also be used on allies or enemies alike.

Strength of Sobek

Knowledge of Osiris- Will of Sobek- Setzo will never stop fighting once forced into combat or combat has started. Death isn’t an option with the Will of Sobek

Knowledge of Osiris- Unencumbered Soul- This Allows Setzo to choose who controls Setzo’s soul. Setzo’s soul can not be ripped or removed from his body or used against him during combat. This also seals Setzo’s energy allowing Setzo’s energy to be unable to be drained from him unless someone had the ability to drain souls completely
Knowledge of Osiris- Wolf Control- This will allow Setzo to command/order the Wolves of Odin.

Knowledge of Osiris- Technological Commander Knowledge- In as short as I can make it, this Allows Setzo to control any form of Mech or Mech-like characters, suits, or summoning. Also allows Setzo to summon Ancient Steam Mechs that are fused to your soul energy which allows them to break and repair with in seconds in battle.

Knowledge of Osiris- Luminescent Aura of Ra- While using the Spear of Ra, Setzo is shrouded in a cloak of pure Stellar light. Magic and Fel magic attacks are completely redirected and shot back to the user with more force then originally had. The shroud also forces Setzo’s target to be unable to use clones or any other forms besides their current form they already was in during the battle.

Knowledge of Osiris- Demonic Rejection Aura- This will cause Demonic energy to be dulled in combat to a human level of combat. However this ability can be countered if by some royal blooded Demonic if they have the right weapon.

 Knowledge of Osiris- Demonic Weapon Communication- This Allows Setzo to speak to any Demonic weapon as though it was a living beast. This then causes the weapon to no long work for it’s user unless it’s user is of God Blood.

Knowledge of Osiris- Will of Anubu- Setzo is now allowed claim any soul that he kills as his own to do as he sees worthy. This also means he can use the souls in combat as summoning's or as added abilities onto himself

Knowledge of Osiris- Molten Fury of Surt- This gives Setzo’s melee attacks full power no matter on how he wishes to strike with his main weapon of choice. This strike is always equal to the strike by Surt that destroyed Valhalla the realm of the Gods.

Knowledge of Osiris- Will of the Fallen Gods-  If and when Setzo casts this spell, it will summon the Stone Giant known in rp as So’garth. So’garth has all the energy of every god that has died. Setzo is allowed to use So’garth to strike his enemies with massive realm shaking attacks of any element or aura type known such as Divine, Ancient, Demonic, Angelic, and so on. This also allows Setzo to regenerate Gods from the brink of death if Setzo is willing to give up one of his abilities to the stone giant however the giant will then be able to use that ability permanently.

Knowledge of Osiris- Will of the Lost- This will allow Setzo to summon the Death Seal, once Death Seal is activated it will take the dead body of an enemy ((or ally)) and from their soul into a Lost. This means they can either be summoning's or reborn their character as a Lost. Death Seal also is known to seal a enemy away till someone can break the seal ((highly unlikely)) which is forged out of the energy of Death itself. However if this is used by a God it forces the god to lose their God powers for one full week. If an non-god does use it will force them into a deep sleep for a full day.

Twelfth ability of Knowledge of Osiris- Spirit Will of Osiris- This allows Setzo to archive God form and archive God like ability for far longer then before. This ability only activates when Osiris dies. Once Osiris’s daughter is awaken with her true name, Osiris will return and this effect will be removed


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