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March 17th, 2019

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March 15, 2019


03/15/2019 01:31 PM 

Just a few things to go over.

So I have a few things to go over before we get started and before we started requesting/adding one another or at least after and before discussing. 

1. Alright so the most obvious and probably most hated rule of all, I do not do one liners or semi-paras! I honestly can't work off or with them, they give very little detail for me to work off of. For those that say "A few sentences is enough." No...no it's not, maybe for you but not for me. My limit is between 1-3/4 paras that way we can get to them quicker and their decently detailed.

2. There will be no rushing me for replies and there will also be no rush from me, I dislike rushing others or being rushed. I work 5 days a week and I work overnights meaning I get home early morning, meaning mostly I'll get to replies after work before I go to bed....hopefully. 

Side note: I have a sever case of ADHD meaning I'm not always paying attention to the computer and I may look at replies and forget to mark them as unread again to get to them when I can come up with a decent reply. I often get on via mobile and I won't reply over the phone because I can't measure well enough to reply through it.

3. My character is just that, mine and will not be taken over by another's character or another person. That seriously ticks me off and I don't do well with those that do that, any constant tries of taking her over will be removed from the Friend's list and if any attempt to re-add I will block.

4. Don't be a jerk alright? I don't need no snobby, perverted, childish or idiotic behavior, I don't mind silly or somewhat random however don't freaking act like you're all high and mighty. I've been role playing or "Story Creating" since Myspace...which has become such a trash place now..anyhow I won't have anyone treating me or others like trash or lower life forms nor a piece of meat. 

5. Look I'm here to have fun not stress over little things and if you start stressing me out for whatever reason I will remove you, I don't need that crap here alright? If you're ever removed from my list just know it's because you've made me very uncomfortable, upset me, ticked me off or we just didn't get along. No hard feelings, not everyone is going to get along with everyone and I know that all to well. 

6. I prefer to discuss a story line before anything meaning no random starters alright? They will be ignored and will be replied with a greeting from myself, don't like when people do that? Oh well, guess you're not going to like me. 

7. Literacy plays a huge role in stories and I would greatly appreciate some decent literacy please, I want to understand you to get the story moving and continue to press it forward however I can't do that if I can't understand you! 

These are my rules so far and I think they're pretty understandable, if not then I have no idea what to tell you and you may move along. If I can think of anymore in the near/far future I will do so.


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