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03/15/2019 01:10 PM 

Here we go~

Kiyoko was tired, so very tired. She was 8 months pregnant and these two little devils inside of her were making her tired, causing sleep deprivation amongst many other things. Walking was a difficult chore, she spent most days waddling around and trying not to topple forward over. She’d decided again to visit her father, wanting that familiar feeling that she missed so much sometimes. She didn’t particularly do much when she was there, she just sat in a comfortable chair and read her books over and over.

“Oh.” She scrunched her face up as she felt a strange tightening in her abdomen, her hand resting against her bump. It had felt like a tight pinch, an unfamiliar one. It was gone as quickly as it had started. Kiyoko shrugged, not wanting to disturb her father as he worked. But there it was again, and she flinched and inhaled, deciding to stand up to try and walk the pain off. God she couldn’t wait to be normal again.


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Ледяная принцесса


She couldn’t have been going in to labour, surely? She knew twins had a tendency to come early but it felt like it was all too soon and sudden. Kiyoko had packed a spare bag, leaving it in her old room in case it had come to her going into labour whilst she was here. The paranoia of not being prepared was for once, a good thing. She felt her fathers arm wrap around her and she smiled up at him, clearly in discomfort but putting on a brave, fake face. “I’m fine.” She tried to reassure him. Neo wasn’t around, he had flown out to the UK where one of his businesses were. The last thing she wanted was to disturb him because of this and she didn’t want him to miss the birth of their unknown children. She secretly hoped it would be one of each.

“If I sit down I just ache more, I’m honestly fine. You’re working, I’m happy to just walk around. It’s more comfortable this way. Plus, you’ve got to do stuff for Dimitri. Honestly, I’m fine!” She just kept repeating that word loosely, coming to a halt as her body tended. Her eyes closing tightly. ‘Please let it be a normal pain.’ She prayed, finally unclenching her fathers arm she’d been holding on to tightly. “S-sorry.” 

Posted on Fri Mar 15, 2019, 13:49



Viktor sat in his chair by his desk, this became rather normal. He worked and she sat up herself a special little spot in the corner of his office. He wasn’t exactly doing a lot of work, he was instead was answering emails and getting all the information he needed to try and take care of his son. Seems his family was far from normal, Alex finally explained to him how he was getting pregnant. Eiichi was just far from normal, he was more of a demonic being. Which was definitely weird to him, so long as Alex was happy and felt safe, then there was Dimitri... The boy was turned Ghoul because of life threatening injuries. He was researching how to care for a Ghoul. It had been stressful. Kiki, so far seemed to have some sort of normal life. Or he thought...He was unaware of Neo being a vampire still. How did his children pull all of this off? But he wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

He, had been around pregnancy enough to get an idea of signs of labor. He was the oldest of a large family, his sister carried Yuuri’s child and now proudly Viktor’s child Alex. Mari carried Dimitri and Kiyoko who were his, and of course Yuuri’s now. He heard the grunt and his blue hues shifted to the side, she was hurting some but it was quick. ‘Soon, that had to of been a little contraction...’ he thought. Once it happened a second time he actually turned his head some looking to her to observe. He figured it was time to call it for a while, Yuuri would likely make sure Dimitri wasn’t bothered when it came to eating, and continue their research in his condition. Now Kiki needed him, so he decided to follow her on her walk, “You holding up?” She was early, but when Mari had Dimitri and Kiyoko she was early too. He wrapped his arm around her and walked with her at her pace. “You’re uncomfortable, but why not try and relax? This might be your last chance to do so before having the babies.” He spoke softly. 

Posted on Fri Mar 15, 2019, 13:12

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