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April 24th, 2019

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February 20, 2017


04/11/2019 08:28 PM 

flat-out ignorance -To that Sakura Role Player
Current mood:  amused

So this website dumbness never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes this is to such an extent that people have to get professional help to deal with the constant bullying, threats and hate spread by her and her friends.

      I wanted you all to say this, despite the fact that I’ll probably get a bunch of hate for it (not that she bothers me) because I want you all to be aware of how nasty people can be and to avoid them as best as you can.

       Keeping all of this in mind I will not be surprised if she snaps back with yet more emotional manipulation so if it comes to that I want you all to be aware, and to remember, that I have no reason to spend as much time as I have on the subject of this girl if it weren’t true. I don’t care for spreading hate or lies because, frankly, who the f*** has time or patience for that? Telling others to kill themselves over a fictional character is so f***ing stupid like are yall ok ???? were you raised in a jungle ??? don’t you have any shame or decency ???? is westboro baptist church still around ????

Just be glad people like my boyfriend and his family has fought to keep your rights to say stupid sh*t like this and I’m not asking you to like him because I'm pretty sure he doesn't like you either. I’m asking you to remember that this is a role-play and It’s just baffling to me the amount of people who actually take the time to bully others due to choices and actions characters take. It makes me feel like shoving a boot made out of cougars up your asses, it really does. Hate the war, the politicians, the reasons behind the war, or whatever....But don't hate the men and women who are out there defending for your freedom. The freedom you use to talk sh*t on them. They have families just like everyone else, and they miss them. They make sacrifices too. It hurts me to see it happen. Doesn't matter what your views are or what your political party you belong to.......

Jealousy and bitterness is an ugly trait, it they make you ugly on the inside... at least my boyfriend has a Rock Solid career and is financially stable and has job security which is very important to him. ❤ ❤ ❤


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