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April 24th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: United States

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January 31, 2016


04/12/2019 05:26 PM 


Name given: Zeo Date of Birth: October/ unknown  Age: Appears 26 Blood type: O+ Appearances: scars over his body and a clock like tattoo over his chest Hair color: black (changes to white when chain is active) Eye color: Brown  (Colors changes based on emotions) (Changes to silver when chain is active) Likes: sour candy, analyzing people, reading,  being a sadist  Dislikes: sweets, attention, clingy people, being complimented  Catchphrase: curios  Personality: Zeo is kind, caring, and receptive to others emotions though he doesn't like to be told that. He understands very little about his own emotions and often ponders over the why those feelings occur, he very much believe his curiosity will become the death of him.  Personality (Sadist): Choking, biting, pleading, screaming, everything is fair game. Zeo goals aren't to inflict pain but to see how much a person can take before reaching their breaking point. In the mode zeo becomes more cruel and often believes everything within his reach is his possession. He enjoys experimenting and finding new ways to torture his toys


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