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April 16th, 2019

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April 11, 2019


04/12/2019 06:47 PM 

Rules of the Black Knights.

Rules and Regulations 

1: Don't bring your personal feelings into the art of roleplaying. I don't have a tolerance for it. I'll play romance and explicit roleplays and have Lelouch get into a relationship, but that's were it stays. You won't get a warning. You will be deleted and blocked.

2: I hate seeing mutes and ghosts. 
I personally understand that everyone has a life, but if you're online for a few days straight in a row and can't put in the effort into a reply; can't relate. 
This is an automatic delete.

3: I don't do one-liners, and I don't do semi-para.
Para and above is my limit. If you can't supply this, don't even bother. Just remove yourself from my friends list and have a nice day.

4: Comments are for discuss. Roleplay is for messages. 
I can NOT stress this ENOUGH. If you don't even do this, I'll just stop talking to you and just have you delete yourself. *Eye roll.*

More to come.-

Sign and give a fact about Code Geass.


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