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Biography - Fantasy Verse / Section

Biography - Destroyer of All photo BioGif_zps7f436af2.gif photo BioGif2_zpsc3ec5d96.gif Ignore the BR thing, it was from aniroleplay and other similar sites that needed it. Loner’s story begins in the ancient past. It began eons ago during humanity’s infancy. A great event occurred, blanketing and purging the known universe of all intelligent machines. The event would come to be known as the “Great Rebirth”; a period where not only humanity would restart from scratch, but their entire physiology would change. It was here that Loner’s ancestors, along with those of the greater humanity were cast in the light and glory of the Great Rebirth. Though unknown to them it would be a great many more years until the effects of these were to come forth. Early Life
As a young boy Loner had no name. Left on the door step of an infertile couple, the boy was taken in. Though obligated to turn him to the social services the couple found Loner to be unique in some manner, believing that he was a gift from above, to answer their prays of being unable to conceive a child of their own. Given the angelic name of Michael, Loner had the life that many children wished they had. Being the object of their parent’s affection, he was spoiled and coddled. Though Loner enjoyed the coddling and affection it brought him up in a way that isolated him from his peers. He didn’t need to learn how to fend for himself, he was the kid that people just didn’t want to play with or be around due to the high difference in views and how they were brought up compared to him.

He was further isolated when he started to develop his strange abilities. Growing up, Loner had saw and experienced some people with “powers” and some with no powers. No one knew what caused this change and many opted to believe it was merely a mutation in the genes, and part of human evolution. Loner’s abilities and powers changed over time but the fact that he had them put him in a position where friction in his home was a common thing.

As he grew up, Loner’s powers developed and took hold as he matured. At first his abilities seemed focus on speed. He moved so swiftly that people thought that his powers were that of another speedster. Nearing graduation, Loner felt more alone and isolated than ever. The toll of realizing that his being coddled had given him such a slacker like attitude with life gave birth to a period of virtually no motivation and great depression. While some of his “friends” went on to college or get jobs, Loner had nothing he wished to do. He had no aspirations, no desires, and no motivation in life. He was stuck in a rut. He began to see life as a meaningless thing, slowly adopting a nihilistic view in life, which focused on the belief that nothing was more absolute than nothing itself. This train of thought severed his ties with many people he managed to convince to be his friends and loved ones. Loner tried to change; he wanted to find purpose in life.

Rise of the Ghost
In his early twenties, Loner decided to join the military. At this time, his powers had developed further, and inspired by a former soldier, Loner decided to see what the life of the disciplined had to offer. Signing up under a new name, Cassius, Loner began his training. The training was difficult. He was a sloth and grew used to being a lazy bum, but when his training was complete, Loner was a different man. He finally had that sense of belonging he desired, that sense of purpose and being wanted. The military made use of his powers, using Loner as a frontline man or scout. He used his immense speedster like power allowing him to move and virtually be undetected by sensors. Unlike most of the units he served in, despite being proficient at marksmanship, Loner used a large sword called a buster sword rather than conventional artillery weapons. Using his speed he was far too fast to shoot at and found carrying a gun pointless when he could use the momentum of his own speed to increase the force of his swing, increasing the damage as a result. Loner served his time and gained a reputation for being a ghost. He was never one spot for too long to be seen.

Despite having found a new brethren in the military, Loner still felt out of place. He was grouped with others with similar powers, but his powers seemed different. While many other speedsters felt exhausted, he remained within reasonable levels of stress. This became truer when the amount of powers changed. Loner had developed the power of ability of hyper sensitivity and awareness. Though due to the powers being new, he had little time to adjust and learn to control his powers. This was a strange thing but it was not completely unique. There had been few users who developed more powers as they aged. With his new powers, Loner was chosen to move on to a higher level and work in a special operations group. Soon after his move, the Catalyst Wars began.

Catalyst Wars
The Catalyst Wars was the inevitable rebellion of the powered humans. The discovery of a substance brought forth the desire to control the powered humans by making them powerless. Loner’s time in the special operations was short live as the group decided to go rogue and use their unique two, three diverse powers to become mercenaries in the conflict. Many died, and many suffered. The powered humans were helpless when close to the substance, though few had the power to withstand it. Loner lost his purpose in this conflict, forced to become an assassin for hire to find a means of income. It was in this conflict that his parents died, being collateral damage from a conflict between the two.

Loner blamed both sides for the death of his parents, sparing no one and joining no forces. His rage was both understanding and displaced. He knew that his parents were not his biological parents, yet they gave him love and affection that he ultimately loved and hated. In the fit of his anger, Loner’s powers displayed another evolutionary plateau. He was the sole powered human who was unaffected by the substance. Neither he nor the people understood why. The conflict lasted for months, years, Loner lost track of time. But with his forgotten time, came the forgotten anger. His rage calmed as he came to terms with his parents death, but rather in an unusual way. He no longer felt any care or love for them and in this pivotal moment alone, Loner readopted his nihilistic views. Near the end of the Catalyst Wars, the truth was revealed, and the humans, made first contact.

First Contact

During a major conflict in the war, Earth was invaded by a massive alien ship. Various unknown beings came from the ship, declaring that the humans were too primitive and were blacklisted from joining the Galatic union under what was known as the Citidel Council. The aliens invaded but it was due to human mistakes. During the war, the humans uncovered a beacon that was to only be activated by an undercover human who would have observed humanity for many years under the guise of multiple people. The humans coincidentally found the alien on their planet and opened fire out of fear. With only one alien and another conflict on hand that separated the humans, the Council deemed that the humans had no potential to be part of their union and no longer had the right to use the Sol Mass Relay. They saw humans were only beings who could bicker with themselves, and not work together.

With their existence threatened and acting on fear, the humans and powered humans ended the conflict on the terms of a temporary treaty, agreeing to work together against the common enemy of the aliens. Resources were wearing thin, and many humans, powered or not, had died in the first war. Many neutral humans tried to convince them otherwise that humans were worthy and deserving of the right to expand their knowledge, technology, and territory.

Through all of this conflict, Loner remained neutral and killed any who got in his way or merely bothered him. He didn’t feel like he was part of humanity, and he didn’t care if he was part of some galactic union of aliens. Loner didn’t give a damn. When fighting aliens, he was questioned about his name. Loner had given everything up that made him “Cassius”. During the first contact war, Loner finally began using the name “Loner”. He gained fearful reputation for both humans and aliens alike. At times he was so feared for his developing abilities that the aliens deemed him enough of a threat to stop their war with the humans. Loner was humanities double edge blade. He was their most powerful soldier, but he cared not for any damage he’d do to his own race. Despite all of the power and a strong defense the humans gave, they still lost.

It was a numbers game. They had more aliens and variety of aliens than there were humans and powered humans. Their aliens displayed similar powers to that of some of the powered humans, making many believe if it was the aliens that gave the humans the powers to begin with, and if so, was it really their fault for failing to realize that they needed to work together? This realization was the key to opening the door the end of the First Contact war. There was so much bloodshed, both from the Catalyst Wars and the First Contact war. Humanity was practically on a verge of extinction due to their drive the battle and prove themselves to others.

In the last days of the conflict, Loner fought, despite the movement to peace. Both the humans and the aliens secretly united and decided Loner was a being that was too powerful to be allowed to stay alive. Loner battled both and in a fit of rage his powers again evolved, but this time, he was thrust into a strange portal and to the luck of the opposing side, he was finally gone.

Slumber in the Between
While most believed that Loner’s disappearance was an act of the heavens, Loner’s rage had taken him to the space in between time and space. Exhausted, he slept, chronolocked for an unprecedented amount of time. Here he awoke, and met others with the abilities pertaining to space and time. It was also with their help that Loner learned his abilities were not an act of speed but a subconscious level of space and time manipulation. His speed was attributed to the decrease of speed of things around him.

His awareness was a sub level of reality perception. Being able to tap into space and time, he was able to notice the location of other beings developing the ability to sense energies. Loner finally realized that he was using his powers in a way that few used, using it as a catalyst to gain other powers (spatial awareness to learn energy sense and etc). Spending time Chronolocked, Loner developed and controlled his powers, eventually learning how to travel to and from the space between space and time.

Other Worldly Adventures
(OOC: This section will detail his adventures exploring other worlds and thus this is how at this time of his life, I’ll roleplay with this in the fantasy (as in using powers, dbz/naturo/etc verses. Continue reading for how I plan to interact with more technological versed roleplayers.)


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