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Biography - Sci Fi - ME - Gundam - Rider

Biography - Mass Effect/Gundam/Kamen Rider

Return Home
After his time in other worlds, Loner grew stronger, developing more abilities. He finally decided to return home, but to which point of time? He didn’t know what had happen and how long he had been gone. He still had not mastered and fully controlled his dimensional travel ability, so he couldn’t be precise at which point he came into when entering a new universe. Gambling on his powers, Loner went through, and what he saw shocked him. 

It had been hundreds of years since his disappearance and now humans and aliens coexisted. The humans gained new technologies thanks to the Mass Relays and the cooperation of friendly aliens. His arrival home was a bitter sweet one. Loner had become something in the history books, much like what some call “Protheans”. Many thought he was a mere legend and someone that just didn’t exist. By the time he returned, the powered humans had evolved to become beings known as Biotics, people who share one similar power in the aspect of various energy based gravitational powers. They no longer felt threatened or feared him. They vastly outnumbered him and their powers had developed. 

Despite being known as a relic, Loner opted to continue his life as an Assassin, regardless of some humans and aliens such as Turians, Asari, and others suggesting he join a military group. Loner felt the life of an assassin here didn’t pay as much nor had any merits as it did in the past, not as he was now, a low level compared to most. Loner had much to contemplate. He knew he needed to become better, or at least learn how these aliens and biotics fought. All seemed well for Loner for the most part until the Reaper events unfolded.

Don’t fear the Reaper
Following the actions of one Commander Shepard, the world was plunge into a state of concern as one of the high elites, a Spectre named Saren Arterius was suspected of working with the Geth in order to bring back a being called a Reaper. While the council was suspicious of Shepard’s vehement pursuit of the Turian, they turned to Loner, knowing that he could reveal the truth by going forward in time thanks to his space-time manipulative abilities. Loner refused, knowing that it would jeopardize the time continuum, telling the Council to react as they saw fit.

Loner had his own suspicions and concerns. Though, unlike some who believed in Shepard’s words and feared for what would happen, Loner saw it as a perfect end to the world he thought needed a clean sweep. Instead of going to help humanity, Loner turned and did what he could from the shadows to help Saren, and as a result, the Reaper, Sovereign.

Helping the Reaper, Loner believed he was just moving things in their natural order clashing with Shepard in Virmire to add Saren in his escape. Things seemed to go according to plan, but Loner couldn’t help but feel that something would go wrong at one point or another. His suspicions were correct when those following the Reaper attacked him, Sovereign deeming Loner as someone too powerful to exist, and despite helping it, Loner must be destroyed along with the rest of the organic life. Like the days in his past, Loner turned again, attacking Sovereign and its forces. Battling Saren, Loner managed to be much more powerful, forcing Sovereign to install “upgrades” to the Fallen Spectre.

Even with his change of heart, Loner was viewed as a threat, by nearly everyone, his trust was something that few took to heart, believing that he only sought his own benefit. While this was true, Loner remained an ally to the first initial contact with the Reaper as the battle of Citidel began. Helping some of Shepard’s crewmates, Loner gained a slight trust from the war hero, although many of the crew still harbored distrust toward the warrior. With the end of the initial battle near, the soldiers in the Battle of the Citidel went their ways. With no major purpose in this world anymore, Loner went on to other worlds, to experience other things. Loner focused and went through another portal, unknown to him at the time; someone had followed through, with their own agenda.

Cerberus Armor
Loner traveled to various worlds, desiring to find a purpose, a desire, and a reason to continue on. Traveling and spending time in the space between he grew to use his powers in more applicable situations, learning to perform new feats and his ability to travel becoming more controlled. During his travels, Loner met more and more interesting characters that were offered in the multiverse. There his skills as a soldier and a powered human were put to the test. He learned in various experiences that while he had adaptability, it was just something that couldn’t really compare to what others were displaying. He had to learn to adapt, battling in similar fashion as those worlds he visited. Learning new techniques or using different technologies.

Near an ending point of his travels, he started encountering a unique person in various worlds. After encountering the person multiple times, Loner confronted him, and in combat for the very few times of his life, Loner was defeated. His body was completely destroyed, despite his skills at managing avoidance at getting harmed. Nearing death, Loner accepted his fate, but later awoke behind the screen of some kind of interface. Waking up, he noticed that his body was put together, but he was confined to some kind of armor. Loner met a man named the illusive man. He revealed that their organization Cerberus had kept an eye on him for quite some studying him, trying to see how they could duplicate his abilities to give it to all of humanity. But, knowing that Loner was too powerful, Cerberus had to take the time to gather the right equipment to even be a match for his superior powers. Loner attempted to attack to illusive man, but he was stopped. A neurotransmitter was wired to his spinal cord, ultimately making him a puppet of Cerberus.

During the Collector conflict, Loner was forced to aid Cerberus and in turn Shepard in their endeavors to find out what the collectors wanted with massive human hostages. Instead of sending Loner with Shepard, he was forced to take an aiding position, doing whatever he was controlled to do. Shepard felt pity for Loner, and secretly vowed to help him break free of Cerberus’ control.

Using the armor burned on him by Cerberus Loner learned to use his new abilities to their most highest applications, becoming stronger than any other soldier in the conflict with the Collectors. It was his power regulated through the suit that aided the Normandy II through the Omega 4 relay. There, in the final battle, Loner fought with Shepard against the humanoid Reaper. Moving to protect Shepard, he was hit, nearly dying a second time. But the strike had given him something he had lost since donning the armor, his free will. It overloaded the neurotransmitter, giving him control of his body and the armor.

Escaping the destruction of the colony, Loner left with the crew. He finally after such a long time, deactivated the armor, to us his actual body. What he found was a disfigured mess. Although his head was healed, his body was damaged, scarred. His wounds could have been healed with time, but it was his sense of pride or the loss of his pride and drive that prompted him otherwise. Loner put the armor back on, feeling too ashamed to take any other form, choosing to hide behind the mask of his armor. He left the Normandy, researching the armor further and attempted to sync it with various technologies. He began working as an agent of the darkness. Completing both good and bad deeds to fit whatever it was he saw fit. Loner began feeling a sense of belonging and his nihilistic views were slowly fading, but he still remained afar from those who he was happy to call allies.

Loner spent more time in the space between trying to find some means of healing himself. Learning of some advance techniques he took it upon himself to train and try to fully master his abilities to some level. He again experienced more out worldly battles and made allies and enemies, but his travels in search for a purpose yet again brought him back home.

Loner learned from a fellow manipulator that his timeline was experiencing yet another era of conflict, but this was greatly different. The Reapers had invaded their system, seeking absolute destruction. Loner felt little concern, trusting that there was at least one human that would make things right, but what was shown to him shocked the calm Loner. Somehow technologies of one world had bled through to his. The technologies of the Mobile suits had arrived. While the idea of a mobile suit being able to combat the Reaper forces seemed appealing, Loner’s time in the space between taught him that technologies not meant for some worlds, would be the cause of something of greater danger than the Reapers. With a new goal in mind, Loner returned home to aid in the combat of the Reapers, and the destruction of all mobile suits.

Arriving to the world, Loner’s demands were met with liquid cold shoulders, even by Shepard. The mobile suits, provided by Cerberus through leaked data had given humanity the fighting chance they needed against the Reapers. They weren’t about to give that chance up while they sought a more effective means to destroy push back the Reaper’s forces, instead of fighting them in small groups. For the first time in his life, Loner had felt confliction on his goals. Feeling isolated yet again, Loner took the mantle to be everyone’s enemy. He battled and helped soldiers against reapers, but turned and destroyed their suits, killing those who refused to leave peacefully.

By the time the Crucible was built, the mobile suit forces were decimated to a mere thousands, due to his actions. Fighting both forces while he defended the earth, Loner was one of many who experienced the “Energy wave” when Commander Shepard made his/her decision. But something went terribly wrong. Multiple space time rifts opened. Something had caused the devastation that Loner was warned of. Loner witnessed the world coming to a flame, but everything froze. Approached by one of the most advance manipulators he encountered, he was tasked with a final goal: Destroy Everything, Reset Everything.

With the Multiverse in peril, and everything explained with what he had to do, Loner accepted this new position. He was now going to be the destroyer of all worlds. Though he’d be met with hostility, his destruction would reset everything for the better.

Search for the Riders
Loner was tasked with searching for the Riders, more commonly known as Kamen Riders, or Masked Riders. There was one particular that he was advised to find, Decade. For what reason and purpose eluded him on this search. Loner found that with each Rider he defeated, he grew weaker. His abilities were changing yet again, suiting more to this Rider powers. Despite this, he relentlessly defeated any rider that he encountered and upon defeating nearly all riders, Decade appeared. While both parties were confused at why Loner was systematically destroying the Rider’s worlds, their agendas were clear to one another. They were enemies, not allies. In a hard fought battle, Loner slowly realized why he was sent to seek out Decade.

Even with his immense powers, Loner seemed at a standstill against Decade. It wasn’t until he fully realized Decades ability, power balance and destruction. Realizing his foe was an embodiment of destruction coupled with a deux machina of shifting the tides of battle to his own favor, Loner grew more determined to defeat Decade, to obtain these powers that would allow him to sweep through his task of saving and resetting everything. After a long battle which resulted in Decade taking some menacing form, Loner won. Feeling the power coursing through him, the advance manipulators appeared. Despite losing most of his abilities of time/space manipulation, he had gained something far more dangerous. This was the goal the manipulators sought for him to take, having seen varying futures. He would better serve the cosmos as the next Rider of destruction and thus tasked him to continue the path of destruction, walk the same path as Decade, Destroyer of Worlds.


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