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Family Questionnaire

Who were their parents?
Elias and Melanie Bardot

Were they raised by them?

If not, then why didn’t they and who did raise them?
She was raised by her birth parents.

What is their father’s full name?
Elias James Bardot

What is their mother’s full name?
Melanie Rae Bardot (Maiden name was Weston.)

What did their parents and/or foster parents do for a living?
They were both hunters of malicious supernaturals and occult groups.

What was their standing in the community?
To hunters they were respectable, To others they were just strangers.

Did their family stay in one area or move around a lot?
They were always on the road after Lyla's mother was killed.

How did they get along with their parents?
Lyla loves her parents with all her heart, Even despite her differences with her father. 

How would their parents describe them? Answer this in the voice of their mother, then in their father’s.
Mother: "I hadn't expected to ever have a child but god if she wasn't the most important thing in my world from the moment they put her in my arms. She's my everything and damn if I wouldn't give it my all to keep her safe."
Father: "Even if we butt heads a lot that girl means more to me than anybody will ever fully know. She can drive me up a f***ing wall yet keep me level all in the same instant. There's no doubt she's my kid that's for sure heh.."

Do they have any siblings?
Lyla is biologically an only child, Though she considers many of her friends to be family.

If so how many and what were their names?
There's too many to list here so i'll generalize it to Uccisore Passione and a select few others.

How did they get along with each of their siblings?
They took her in when she was at her lowest and grew on her rather quickly. Even despite the insane antics their Boss puts them through she adores all of them with all her heart and soul.

Are any or all of their family still alive?
Her father is still alive, Her mother was killed protecting her from a monster.

If so, where are they now?
Due to his work Lyla is unsure where her father is presently.

Do they stay in touch with them or have they become estranged?
Due to their vast differences of opinion and her running away she has kept her distance of Elias.

Do they love or hate one member of the family in particular?
Lyla loves her father whole-heartedly despite their falling out and worries about him nearly every day.

Have they begun their own family?
In a way she was taken into one but no she has not personally.

If not, do they ever want to have a family of their own someday?
Even though the idea scares her for obvious reasons she'd like to, Someday.

What type of person would be their ideal mate?
Someone who accepts her despite her affliction and is willing to stay by her side even when things get dark. Who won't be afraid of the dangers herself, and those who pursue her, present. Ideally she just wants someone who looks past her flaws and wants to lead a not so normal life together. 


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