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04/13/2019 08:03 PM 

Club White Rabbit.

Club White Rabbit,
Open from dusk til dawn.


The worlds gone to sh*t. As if that has ever stopped the masses from indulging in sins of flesh, drugs, or alcohol. On the contrary, there will always be an increase in the most questionable of business practices in times of Tyranny, oppression, and great strife. So dive down the rabbit hole. Lose track of the clock, take the elixir, drink with the hatter and have a mad time. Just be weary, heed the warning, the Red Queen lives.

The lights go dim as the strobe lights dull leaving darkness whose only acquaintance was the bulbs of illumination; two rows parallel that highlighted the walkway of the catwalk. Needless to say all eyes fluctuate from the bottom of the bottle, the wandering eyes of "faithful" men, the rolling of papyrus, or snow lines on the mirror. After all the real show was about to begin.

"Next up is our own little "Alice"," The alias was in poor taste, yet these type of establishments weren't exactly known for their uniqueness. From the curtains the modest curves of a woman revealed beyond the scarlet; her shadowy figure revealed from the abrupt radiance that shined on the drapes. Fingers coiled around them as she nudged her shoulder into them to make it go ajar.

"The hell is this?" One of the many concerned patrons had grown quite uncertain that his own anticipation had been unrewarded. This highlighted feature hadn't been in skimpy clothes like the Cheshire cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum sisters, or the crowd favorite the White Rabbit. Rather this woman should have been called the mummy as it was a more appropriate name in the white bandages that folded around each curve. Men are quite often shallow, jumping to conclusions, certainly she must be concealing her face if only because her body was the only notable detail.

Truly inpatient creatures were these "men", yet a girl's got to pay the bills, you know? Static hits the surround sound of the club allowing the vocals to echo in the confined area. Her gaze shifted to one of the club enforcers who casually advanced to the only entrance, exit. Taking a step forward the ends of the bandages waiver with every motion. Playfully, teasingly, her fingers snapped one of the bandages over her bosom revealing the first glimpse of her ivory flesh and plump flesh. All complaints altered to that of intrigue as Alice shed away her burdens and sins before them.

She allowed herself to swing about while wrapping her leg around the steel support structure of center stage. Her grip lessened as she let her body fall back, rotating, and kicking off on her other foot. Gauze fell from her frame like the serpent's extra skin. Long silky legs emerged from her striped bandages while her hand firmly struck the pole to regain balance. This allowed her to pull forward so that her bosom slammed against the steel; using the muscles in her lower back to really grind into it. She found her prey enticed, entranced, watching as if hypnotized by each of her movements. 

Releasing her grip she used a fingernail to dig into her attire with surgical precision down the chest, between the breast, to give a taste of what they all wished to see. With her back against the stripping pole she used her legs to lower herself before falling to both knees. Her palms pressed against the catwalk as she crawled towards the end of the stage; making sure to let her admirers see each and every sway of her ass and her nearly exposed bosom.

A first time visitor, most of which were, yet the shy out of place adolescent waited at the end of the walk with a group of friends. As she approached one of those among the party attempted to flaunt his material worth, throwing dollars, yet the woman had eyes only for one while completely ignoring the typical boastful type. Her hand extended over the edge to grab the young man's arm while dancing her fingers along it before seizing his hand. Their digits interlocked a moment before she pulled apart his caress, separating one of his fingers, bringing it to her face.

She used his finger to pull down the ivory mask revealing her devious, sinister, smirk and smile. Her rose lips pressed against the finger before teasingly giving it a suck; the male's face was flushed red, embarrassed, as his mind went crazy. Then beneath the sound of the music roaring a deadlock turned on the front door sealing all of their fates. This had been quite the flavor, indeed, she was dying to have more of it. A little nibble wouldn't hurt, surely?

With a click of her teeth she separated the digit from the boy's hand whose trance ceased immediately after. A fountain of scarlet splashed about giving a bloody facial to all of his friends. While frantically screaming, trying to stop the bleeding, the entire club had gone hysterical in madness. More of the bandages on her face descended revealing the second eye, scarlet in hue, unlike that of the right which was teal. The most common sign of being inflicted with the Virus; other than blatant cannibalism that was of course.

One of the young man's party went to assault the woman on the stage. He was immediately intercepted by one of the club's bouncers who held on to the assailant's shoulder; that was before using all their might to separate the attacker's arm from the socket. More chaos ensued as the masses fled to the door to find it locked. With all their might they attempted to make the door open but it was completely futile seeing as it wouldn't budge; there was no clear lock on it, so simply undoing it wasn't as easy as just turning it.

Dinner was served. All those of this establishment had been cursed with the notorious "madness virus" that forced those with the disease to consume and eat the flesh of other human beings; regular food had become vile. Similar to zombies, yet they were cognitive and still capable of thought and emotions. Identifying those infected was an easy enough task. If they had two different eye hue with one being scarlet they were carriers. However, with contacts being easily accessible they could go unnoticed to the general public.

The chef and bartender had enjoyed fattening up their game hen's, drowning them in whisky or providing fatty foods, as they took to sample out those at the bar. Those lost in the high were about to experience a pretty bad one, assuming they were conscious enough to comprehend what was going on, and the perverts that acted as predators were devoured like prey. As the one bouncer made quick work of the small bachelor party one of them was left unharmed; he had been marked, claimed, and no one would dare interfere.

She had finished scraping what meat had clung to the bone that she now danced around her mouth with her tongue. He had seemingly lost his mind in it all, using his shirt to stop the bleeding as best as he could, but his eyes widened as the woman leaned forward to him. Before he could hope to scream she had pressed her lips against his own to silence him; allowing his own joint to touch his taste-buds, a horrifying and terrifying experience for sure. Her hands pressed against his cheeks and her nails rested at the back of his neck.

The music had stopped now. Only the screams of the other men roared, the sound of shoes soaked in water squeaking about, yet her victim had gone into shock. A trail of tears falling down from her face as she continued the kiss if only to ease the pain. The dullness of his eyes was the final sign of his near departure as she broke their intimacy. She spoke so low, how had he heard her in all the confusion about?

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." In this world there are such instances of being in the right place at the wrong time. They had vowed to only devour the delinquents, the deviants, and the sinners of this world; it had been her wish to never kill an innocent, yet she found herself breaking that vow made when this curse first began. However, she wasn't just some girl who could leave this place to live with her beliefs elsewhere.

She was the Red Queen. There came responsibilities, burdens, for the peace and the survival of those who had come to trust and depend on her. Rations were low, they killed so that the less capable of their kind mustn't, so that their depravity and sins hadn't mirrored that in which was on full display. Of all the instances she had never once wept, justifying it as cleansing the ugliness of the world, yet before her had been someone that had been genuine and good. The taste always differed, it was the final verdict, tortured or tainted meat wasn't as appetizing; however, the guilt of denying the world of something promising as this stranger's future was devastating. 

As the corpse rested its head in her bosom as she stroked their hair while a man approached the girl on stage. He hadn't need to speak a word or ask what troubled the girl. No, they had all known the type of woman she had been. It was for that reason they had followed, respected, her despite the crimes they commit. Her pain was their own.

"What should we do with them?" He muttered while pointing in the direction of a few of the men they hadn't killed quite yet; leaving them alive allowed for the game meat to taste better in the days to come without risk of advanced decomposition. Even preserving the flesh in freezers and the like altered the taste drastically.

"Off with their heads." She looked up at the man with a gaze of absolute resolve. Her emotional state had rarely ever resulted in shortsightedness, but she masqueraded strength when she was so clearly torn. The man nodded, placing his hand on her shoulder, and then looked at the boy in her arms.

"Do we bury him?" An absurd thing to say one might think for those who cannibalize others. These other men, vile and filthy, in the club's eyes were expendable and easily forgotten; however, there was nothing more evil than to not bury someone who was loved. A place for other's to visit, to grieve, and pay respects. The killing of an innocent had happened on this journey from time to time, never by her own hands though, yet the lived by a code of ethics.

"...no, meat is too limited. We have children and families to think of, we can't .... let it go to waste." The tears nearly returned, she had nearly choked, as she betrayed her own fundamental ideology. She was a hypocrite, a killer, and a monster through and through; for the sake of other's it sometimes means becoming the villain. It's not always a matter of good or evil being subjective, but it's relative to what circumstances have brought them to viewing it as such.



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