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April 23rd, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 113
Country: Bahrain

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April 13, 2019


04/14/2019 07:40 PM 

Rules of Engagement

Signing is not required, just let me know you” agree”when senting or  after receiving greeting. 


1) I am a female who is over the age of 21, there will be no Rl information given. Do not ask, if begging for such information you will be deleted. If anyone has a problem of a women playing a male character than please, get off my list.

2) Respect works both ways, give me respect and I will return it.  Everyone will have three chances, once the three chance is broken you will be deleted. There will be NO re adds, if I get an re add than you will be blocked. No if's or buts.I may be away at times, rl always comes first. Please do not message me every five seconds for a reply, a good story can not be rushed.  

3)No drama here, if anyone has a problem and wishes to talk I will listen. Just do not blow up my messages. 

4)This character may or may not be open for romance, if taken do not dare to break them apart. Know that this character is not an easy take to get in a romance with, it's just how she is.

5) Yes, I have multiple pages, I will be as active as I can. Please be patient with me.


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