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April 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 19
Country: United States

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April 15, 2019


04/15/2019 03:26 PM 

Evan Novak

Name: Evan Novak

Antihero Name: None

Age: 23

Height: 6'2

Weight: 183

Body Type: Slender/Lean

Orientation: Gay AF

Nationality: Japanese/American 

Position: Seke

Hair: Black 

Eyes: Light Gray

Skin: Pale

Affiliation: None

Style: Offensive and Defensive 

Quirk: Energy Manipulation (His own energy) 

Quirk Type: Emitter 

Energy Color: Changes on emotions and mood

These stats are based off him and his quirk as one. 
Power: B
Speed: B
Technique: A
Intelligence: C

Personality: Cocky and arrogant. He has sadistic tendencies and he is rather ruthless especially when he becomes obsessive. He won't give up till he gets what he wants. He has a soft side but rarely shows it but at times he will show it when it comes to certain situations

Back Story: 


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