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04/15/2019 08:30 PM 

[RP Advice] Literate vs Illiterate ( Identifying)
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There is one thing a lot of people don’t realize. It’s Literate and Illiterate RolePlay. There is a difference between the two but the stereotype is far from the truth.

These are common misconceptions about Literate and Illiterate. The RolePlay community has crafted a very toxic version of the two. So much, that people are being judgmental over both parties. Below, are the following stereotypes of the two parties.


They’re extremely judgmental and are complete grammar nazis. They discourage you over a single typo and think you’re not worth their efforts. They’re super picky and always type in multi-para or novella and love to intimidate their partners with how perfect they are.


Non-judgmental, always welcoming. They love messing up and sometimes purposely do it just to get a laugh. They’re complete freaks and are sloppy with their writing, they care not whether they use one-liner or semi-para. They’re an abomination to the RolePlay community.

The above examples are the stereotypes, something that definitely needs to have awareness raised. The next section, I have constructed the truth. Below are what Literate and Illiterate TRULY are. Look at the difference, they make a lot more sense.


This means you take your muse seriously and follow their chosen characters thoroughly. It means you don’t make up stuff just to play a character to your preference. Literate means “I take my character seriously, I do not adjust their original design and I know my character well enough to play them as they are meant.”


This means that you don’t even care if you’re playing your muse accurately or not, it means that you play them how you see them. You don’t like canon so you make up something completely different from them. Illiterate means “Oh, yeah, this is just how I portray my version of my character. I know them, but I don’t like how they’re originally designed. I’m going to portray them the way I feel they should be, because it’s how I see them.”

Hopefully this helps to clarify these two parties, I wrote this because a friend of mine had recently brought up the topic. Take care and I hope you all have a better viewpoint!


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