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05/12/2019 11:09 PM 

U.A. Guidelines

Just a few notes and guidelines to roleplaying with me. Sign them, or don't, I don't care, as long as you read them before we rp.

  1. Kaida is of my own making. Honestly, she was originally made in a 1x1 as a romantic interest to Bakugou -- however, the writer didn't want to follow me on the site and I wanted more character development and other character interactions with her. So she's been restarted from her day of arrival to UA and she will grow, just like every other character.
  2. Pictures - Most if not ALL pictures I have of Kaida will be Commissioned. As in I paid an artist to draw them for me Stealing my pictures and recoloring them or editing them to be claimed as your own is not acceptable. This is your first warning, if I find out you've taken them, you'll be sent a more direct warning. If you still do not remove the picture at that point, I will discuss possible legal action with the artist. Stealing ain't right, especially when money is involved. Just don't be a douche bag and we should be fine.
  3. I'm Multi-Para to Novella, on the site. I also do RP on discord which is minimum of Para and up. I also try to do replies at least once or twice a week on the sight. I expect the same out of my writing partners or at least keeping in contact through discord. I know life can get away with us sometimes, if that's the case please give me a heads up. ( I do read others rules, so if it's in there that you have a lot of life obligations, consider me warned! ) Otherwise I'll assume you've lost interest in the story line and don't intend to reply and you will eventually be removed.  P.S - OOC in Messages, RP in comments.
  4. No, I won't smut with you. In fact I won't smut unless the story line really calls for it and our characters are romantically involved.
  5. RP does not equal RL. If we date in character, I'm not your girlfriend IRL, I have a boyfriend actually, tyvm. I'll be your best friend tho.~ :)
  6. There's a difference between being a troll and just being a jackass. It's a very thin line with me, so please -- Lets just be funny and happy together, yeah? :D
Can't think of any more at the moment. Due to change if I think of anymore but yeah. Tada.


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