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05/13/2019 01:07 PM 

R U L E S.

DISCLAIMER;// First and foremost,I am a pretty relaxed and laid back person HOWEVER, my rules being read/followed are a BIG thing for me. I will not tolerate people disobeying these and you will just be removed without warning should they be broken.

RESPECT - This is a big BIG THING for me, I've been writing for years I've seen how fandoms can get. People can get mean, they can blur the lines of reality and role-play that being said respect me and I'll do the same for you. I also will not keep people on my list who are rude and hateful to others, or just plain character hate, we all have opinions but, keep it respectful.

SHIPPING-  I will start off by saying THIS IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR ME, and I am VERY picky with shipping as I've had bad experiences in the past. I also will not write 'romantically' with only one person, I come from Tumblr and 'multi-shipping' is a thing there and something I do, so if it bothers you please don't inquire about shipping. I also ask that it be discussed with me beforehand, don't force me into a ship and don't just assume we are shipping because our characters are 'canon'.

DRAMA - Take it somewhere else, not to me, I don't want to see it, hear it, just NO. All that needs to be said.

WRITING - I'm a single mother IRL, I also write on Tumblr, and have other accounts. Sometimes I'm super fast with replying, other days I can take awhile, and some days I will post things in status but have no energy to write. Do not rush me, do not hassle me for replies or I will just find my delete button.

THEFT - Do not steal things from me, just ask, I'm a nice person I will gladly edit something for you so please just do that instead of stealing from me.

I have the right to add more rules as need, feel free to ask me questions if needed.


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