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May 20th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 29
Country: Japan

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May 10, 2019


05/14/2019 02:36 PM 



Verse/Preferred Genres:


1.) Most of my favorite kinds of role plays will consist of: High Crime, Drugs and alcohol, Fantasy, Supernatural themes, Dark themes, Mature Content such as language, violence, rape, murder, and adult related situations. If any of these make you uncomfortable or trigger you then I will have no problem if you decide to leave; no hard feelings will be held against you if you do this.


2.) Please be patient if you intend to start a roleplay with me. I allow up to 48 hours (2 days) for someone to respond and then I will send a warning message. If I do not hear back from you then I will consider you a mute, terminate the roleplay, and delete/block you from my friends list. I work weekends at a local Subway so my time is limited during which I will be attempting to respond to everyone in a timely manner. Just don’t rush me or ask me repeatedly for a response is all I ask.

Grammar /Spelling

3.) I do not mind the occasional mistake or even a few more of them. I know people make mistakes, but at the same time I would at least like to see some effort put into sentences and paragraphs - proper punctuation is a good starting point for this, but I do not expect perfection, either so don’t feel pressured to getting everything just right if you have trouble with writing in third person.

Mutes, && numbers

4.) If I do not receive a message or comment from you after a month of having you on my list you will be deleted. I am not here to be on a list to collect dust. Let’s get to know each other, and write amazing stories together!

Format/Preferred Length

5.) I write in third person- and in multiple paragraph format. The most I will write is probably 8-10 paragraphs, but only if I am extremely interested in the roleplay. Please make sure that I am not the only one contributing to the roleplay and coming up with ideas as well. This is extremely annoying when I’m forced to do all the work.


6.) Despite that I cringe at the term “drama” , I will bring this up mainly because everyone has dealt with some form of it one way or the other whether they readily admit it or not. It doesn’t matter if you have on your rules that you don’t tolerate it to some people. Others do it anyway for one reason or another. However, I do not want to see it on my page or in my status stream. I have dealt with drama outside of roleplay with roleplayers from this site before and I’m not going to deal with it in this verse either. You have been warned. 


7.) I would prefer if everyone contacted me through MESSAGES only. The reason behind this is that I can see the messages to and from each other easily without having to refresh the page or go back to look at what I or the other person has said.


This is the end of the rules! Yay! These rules, along with anything else on my page will be subject to change as I see fit. This is a Semi-selective page and I won’t tolerate drama. If you have made it this far in the game please sign the bottom comment section with your favorite candy flavor! 


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