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Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

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October 10, 2013


05/14/2019 03:04 PM 

CODES A. - Final Chapter

“Do you hear me?”

“I! HAVE! WON!!”



Just For how long was she going to scream at the top of her lungs that she had won? Ankoku felt like he had yet to fall inside the Greatest Grail yet… he wasn’t… he was still alive… was he even falling? The Grail had a pull akin to a gravity well, and he could even see the lump. that drew anything, almost as if neutering any magic coming closer… but he wasn’t falling…

… what was stopping him?

Looking up, he realized his hand had gripped on ...a hat? From how pristine and clean it looked it had to be a double of his… maybe… the one Elphelt had been wearing all along?

“Well.. isn’t it my lucky day?”; a bloodied up Ankoku said while suspended in an eldritch vortex of magic “And people ask me why I never give up. They never let me”

He had lost Excalibur, but as soon as he pulled himself up… he was going to have one last try… Now more than ever… it was time to be a hero...


Mordred blasphemously rose Excalibur and blasted it in the sky, clearing it of all the clouds, admiring the sky saturated red with all of her mana and the Grail combined. She


The second swing would be down to level the tower she had created, she didn’t need it anymore. She was happy. Excalibur was hers. She couldn’t believe it!!



Mordred’s jubilant cheers of triumph were cut shot as she felt metal cold as vengeance, as if forged in the icy pits of Cocytus, sinking down her shoulder. The pain was terrifying but it was not made made her react

“... Clarent?”

Without remorse, Ankoku grabbed her face with his hand and quickly pulled the blade away to pierce the Tyrant straight through her solar plexus, just a few inches away from her core. Black boiling blood was coming out letting out an acre odour, and the fact Ankoku  kept the blade inside forbid her to regenerate

“It’s over, Mordred”, he said as he showed her his, as she suddenly felt… that same feeling when he ordered her not to turn… no… it couldn’t be

“‘Ow… ‘ow you still ‘ave the Command Seals?!  I got rid of the hat that had them”

“... I moved them back on the back of my hand, Mordred!”; he pointed out in a matter of fact way as he twisted the blade inside her chest to make her stop struggle “... Now… Mordred”


“W-what? Are yew insane?!”


“No way I’m gonna accept this, Ankoku, forget it”, she growled, but her body was shaking, as if it was subsciously trying to fight her back


“I am…not going… to let you win… Ankoku…”, Snarls were flowing yet she could feel Ankoku was letting his magic flow inside her, trying to separate her mana essence from Adoces’ corruption


A screen went as she felt all the mud she had absorbed throughout all this time as an Avenger follow out of her eyes, mouth and pouring blood, Ankoku’s magic drawing the mana on her sword to gather it up… for one. final blast. struggling with all of his leftover stregnth, the youth lifted the armored woman, aiming straight at the concentrated lump of spear


“This for sure will be the wicked blade that will destroy all the Tyrant!"


Silver. Black. Gold. Black. The combined mana of the two  confined in a large blast that was engulfing Adoces’ masterpiece was too much for the already stressed blade as it was pulverized by the impact of its own attack, the energy so much even Morded was flung out in the air before ruinously dropping on her side. For a brief instant… Ankoku’s brain was filled with only two sounds… the explosion of the grail, quickly shattering all the leftover of the arena that had left, and Mordred’s screams.

He dropped on his knees, such was the fatigue,and looked up… the sky was blue again, the very lava seemed to have cooled off, the corrupted mana within the Grail had definitively been destroyed.


Lau silently looked at camera feedback being suddenly cut short as Ankoku had given the final blow against the Winter Servant, his expression stoic as he immediately read the mana’s analysis and confirmed

“Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t need any immediate back up. Your friend Ankoku has successfully destroyed the Grail, and there is no trace anymore of its cor

Medaka cheered as Adoces’ Grail was finally confirmed to have been destroyed, happily pulling Akeno close to her: “YAY! WE WON!! This calls for a victory smooch!!”

The she-devil looked confused at this,softly blinking: “Ara Ara, but what about Ankoku?”

A smile crossed the bluette’s lips as she whispered: “You can tell Anky about this ♥ ”

She moved in and kissed Akeno on the lips, her eyes closed tightly as she enjoyed the feeling. Blinking as their lips met, Akeno gently yanked the other girl closer, deepening the kiss.

“I AM SO CONFUSED!!!”, a traumatized Elphelt yelled out, dropping her bouquet on the floor. Weren’t they all supposed to be Love Rivals?!

“IT’S THE POWER OF LOVE!; Medaka cheered at her with a comical cat smile, but the poor pinkette seemed to have reached a blue screen of death… fitting of a bio weapon. Aware of how Medaka could be an handful, Lau looked at the Valentine and was about to explain , but soon the cheering of everyone made his voice almost an unintelligible buzz… oh whatever… where was Kishiro? He needed booze. Right now


The sky was clear, the arena ruined, and yet Ankoku, now that he had healied his injuries, looked at Mordred… after so many days of being hunted down and suffering… at least this battle was over…


It’s not possible…

“Ankoku… “

"When I was with the Grail... I could always hear voices... hundreds. and for each servant I ate, dozens more came. They screamed, they told me to burn things, some told me to stop... all the same... they were my followers, and I was their king, leading them to victory... so they would say MY NAME", the blonde knight spoke, her voice seeming to constantly choked  "But now... without the Grail... a voice still remains... and that one scares me... because it is mine…”

Bowing her head, she declared: “M-Master... what have I done? I am a monster... K-kill me"

“... Mordred, I can’t”; Ankoku said struggling back to his feet to his feet “I am… too tired. I don’t think I can even wield a sword if you gave it to me”

He backed away, his feet faltering… he really couldn’t keep up fighting,  but Mordred kept following up

“Please, Master, I beg you”; she said shuffling to reach him, tiredly moving and almost slicing him, he only survived due to a small rush of adrenaline. She was so tired she was unable to control her superhuman strength as an Heroic  Spirit, and he… was human. Human couldn’t beat Heroic Spirits, for even the weakest is ten times stronger than the peak human. This is a sad truth…

“Mordred, please, calm down, you aren’t being lucid”, Ankoku said making a light shove gesture, but she was only getting closer to him. The once threatening figure was gone, Mordred was bawling her eyes out, reddening her natural green hue, and her nose was running. She couldn’t bear this sorrow, she was barely listening to him.

“You have another command seal, right? command me to kill myself… I would do so but….”, he sobbed as she looked down at the blade,immediately shaking at the thought “I am too much of a coward”

This made Ankoku look at her. She would crack a bitter smile at seeing him do so, waiting for the order… so she could be free of the horror she had committed, both by manipulation and her own choices


No, no, that was the wrong one. She immediately panicked as she cried out:  “... Master… WHY!?”

“Quit calling me, Master, Mordred, I lost this  title by using the last Command Seal, you know my real name”, he dismissed her before explaining “You were an Avenger, Mordred, characterized by only two things. Immense hatred… and guilt. You wanted to kill who wronged you, without any remorse, but as soon as the blood would be spilled, you’d begin making second guesses… only to feel the hatred igniting as soon as they turned out to be still alive, or found another target… When we destroyed the Grail, your hatred is gone… only guilt remains. I would gladly help you out…and I get if you don’t want to live through them… however, I /refuse/ to  be part of an assisted suicide… See it as a blessing, see it as a punishment, but this is what you get, Mordred, you live… do what you want with this gift”

Silence. Mordred was shocked… those words… so harsh… led her to despair

“MASTER KILL ME”; she screamed, trying to force him by swing again his sword down, as he dodged, only to be backhanded “KILL ME!!”

The blow was so much the youth fell down as Mordred Immediately grabbed him and shook him, even slapping him to get some reaction. Trigger the assassin in him


“Enough”, the Masked Magus said, gently touching her wrist, causing her to snap back to reality

“Mordred… you knocked him out with the first blow, you aren’t getting anything from him for a while”

The Heroic Spirit looked at Ankoku… it was right, he was barely breathing, but otherwise he was not responding…. she immediately got off him, raising his hand as if she was declaring innocence

“... It’s… it’s not possible… this fight… he had won. He was supposed to win!”

“Well… he didn’t. Not for lack of trying through”, the Masked one said dismissively, shrugging as she quoted the Art of War

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

“I guess neither of you knew the other better. In a sense, likely for both, this war had no winner whatsoever, however… this is what I declare”, the young girl said before raising her hand theatrically  “Congratulation, Mordred Pendragon, You are the winner of the Greatest Holy Grail War… Take your prizes, if you wish to”

She showed her what was left of the grail: the golden Chalice, still unblemished, and the Aurora Pillar fully awoken and ready to be used...

“Please, get them away from me”, Mordred said looking away with a crestfallen expression. The mysterious Magus didn’t need to hear it twice. With her smirk on, she scooped up the Holy Grail and, after some thought, put the Aurora Pillar in Ankoku’s jacket, then put her cape over him to war him up. She had no idea what to do with that white instrument of pure energy and honestly, it was better off with him than her. To be frank, she never liked Sakamaki-san’s studies anyway….

“Damn it. Look at what kind of idiot I am… I lost everything”, Mordred muttered , still loud enough for the Magus to hear her out “My honor, plans, my ambitions, my sword.. I even lost my hatred… I don’t even think I am anymore an Avenger either...but not even a Saber… what am I?”

“... Dunno...Maybe you are… just Mordred”, she said before showing Avalon “You know… I understand you don’t want to wield either Excalibur or have this but…  I think it would be wise of the last Knight of the Round Table to hold them…”

As Mordred was handed the scabbard, she immediately hugged onto it. That seemed to be actually kind of a relief for the Knight, as she let out a deep sigh of catharsis… only to suddenly feel the Earth shaking. The entire fight seemed to have destroyed the underground of the stage and now it was about to collapse.

“What… what do we do?”, Mordred asked

“... dunno”, The Masked Master said, shrugging, but clearly speaking in riddles “What do WE do, hero?”

Out of instinct, she grabbed both Ankoku and the other girl and jumped off to safety, observing the giant pile of smoke the ensuing crumbling caused… her fight with Ankoku had really caused some nasty damage… But she had to be quick. She was still the villain, after all, she’d have gladly turned herself to the authorities to be executed, but… that voice kept ringing in her head


Noticing her distress, the Masked Meister asked: “Hey! So… let’s put Ankoku somewhere safe… after that, what do you want to do?”

Mordred thought about it as she walked in the myst, fading away alongside the Magus who had been so insistently following her

“... Honestly? I just want to go home…”


It wasn't too long that Ankoku friends found him, especially thanks to a energy locking Valentine whose main purpose was to scout and track targets… they were, however, pretty surprised to see he was resting quite distant from where his final fight with Winter had taken place… heck, outside the city too. He was there, resting just out close to the shadow of a giant tree, with a peaceful expression on his face.

Medaka couldn’t help herself as she zoned out of his cuteness, silently hopping and getting on her knee to ruffle her hair him she  softly cooed: “Awww, look at him, Anky saves the world and what does he do? He takes a nap like a wee baby. No, a wee hero. Who is a wee baby? You are! Who is a wee hero?”

All in the day of a hero



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