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Ankoku Yami, Heroic Hopeful

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May 21st, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 27
Country: Italy

Signup Date:
October 10, 2013


05/14/2019 03:05 PM 

CODES A. - Epilogue



Finally awake, and apparently in back in his ex girlfriend’s house. How much had it taken for Ankoku  to recover from Winter. Hmmm… three weeks, according to the calendar. Well… first thing first, fix his atrophied muscles with magic and get dressed… how nice of Medaka, she had piled up all of his clothes. Shirt, jacket, socks, underwear, hat, scarf… hmmm? The pants were missing… He should go ask her.

Slowly walking as he finally was recovering his energies, he walked in one of the living rooms of Medaka’s mansion

“Medsie, do you happen to know where are my paAAAAAAAAAAARGH”

“...Mon Dieu, Ankoku, I did not know you were this scarred”

“NYAH! I knew you were a pervert, Anky!”

“... Ara Ara, fufufu ♥ “

“EEEK! ANKY WITH NO PANTS! SO… Handsome… I can’t even…”

As Elphelt passed out with an exaggerated nosebleed, Misaka set down the sandwich at the spectacle of Ankoku’s bare scarred legs and said: “Well… there goes my appetite… and my last shred of heterosexuality”

And thus she left, without saying an additional word.

Medaka tossed him his pants as he mumbled: “Did… did you do it on purpose?”

He didn’t receive a verbal answer, but Akeno and Medaka high fiving each other was enough for him. Charlotte instead was making Elphelt recover with salts

“W-what are you even doing here?”, he mumbled

“It’s tea time, Anky”, Medaka said with a smile before offering “A cup of tea?”

“Yes, thanks”, he grumbled as he sat down, Akeno offering him a cup and pouring tea on it, before sitting at his side. It was scorching hot, just what he needed to recover from the embarrassment

“Did you … wait for me until I recovered?”, he asked in shock, at which Elphelt nodded, immediately sitting next to him, hugging his arm

“NYAAA!”, Medaka answered while hopping and landing straight on his lap, hissing at the other two to back of like a territorial cat “As sturdy as ever, Anky, you could wake up anytime”

“Don’t look at me, mon chere”, Charlotte dismissed while sipping her tea “I am a busy woman, I was able to come only when I could”

Nodding, Ankoku would begin to question them, as he had to catch up to three weeks


“Medaka pierced her heart, and my purifying lighting burnt out all of her blood. She exploded in a cloud of ash while laughing maniacally, like the monster she was”, Akeno answered looking down. So there was no body, uh?

“Then she is definitively alive”, Ankoku commented, at which every other girl would nod in agreement “You must have spent all your energy and more to take her down”

“Chaldea is in pieces, all their resources either lost or savaged. Mordred has disappeared, as well as the Masked Magus and the Grail. There is no guarantee all the Nuis have been killed”, Medaka said “Even Lau has gone missing”

“What about my record? I am not in jail, so I assume you cleared my name”, he mused as he managed to push Medaka off as well, as every girl had returned to a different couch

Charlotte set down her tea: “... Actually… that’s the funny thing. A week ago, some anonymous user on 4chan posted some evidence of your innocence. It was deleted a few hours ago, but the screenshot and the proofs were leaked all over. The government discharged  you as innocent, but people are not convinced until…”

“.. until it died down. There are still forums discussing whether you are really guilty or innocent, even despite everything, Just as that, however, you are not popular anymore. Yesterday’s news”, Charlotte bluntly explained “I am sorry, I don’t think your innocence will ever be completely proven”

That was a bitter news,but he accepted it.

“... I hope whoever is the most popular Hero now is doing well”, Ankoku said, noticing that all of sudden every gone had  dropped silent “... girls… who is the new most popular hero?”

“... Dragon Oppai!?”

Ankoku’s face remained stoically cold, while the girls and the mercenary observed finishing his tea before standing up and admitting while rubbing: “You know, I am too tired to even be mad”

However as he looked out at the window, he resumed:“... Who am I kidding? Yes, Issei is a brain damaged lech, but he is stronger, more skilled, has more connection and cares more about his friends than me. I have been trying for MONTHS to get in contact with Archangel Gabriel And she sponsors his show!... I call him a mockery of Heroism, but I am no better”

“NO! It’s not true”, Elphelt said as she jumped and hugged his leg as if she were a baby Koala “You are to us the greatest hero who could ever live (I like you the most of the other two, though)”

As Ankoku was almost falling due to the sudden tackling, Akeno held him with an hug, the back of his head landing on a soft spot: “Ara Ara, don’t you remember? We don’t love you because you are a hero, but because you are you. We will always think of you as a hero! I have never thought you were not”

“OUR HERO-KUN”, Medaka said pushing his face in her cleavage “Don’t you get it, Anky? You will ALWAYS be loved, no matter what! You don’t need a hero to be loved”

Before Ankoku could answer (likely some muffled complaints), an earthquake caused the four to push each other off. A meteor had landed on the city, and a light of green column,an ominous figure appeared

“I, Bansheea Krunex, am SICK of all people living happy and nice despite being aware I could end their existance, therefore I am going to crush this city and kill all the heroes!! NYEHEHEHEHEHEHE!”

Shortly after, another meteor showed up, and an equally powerful and small figure showed up..

“ANd I, Caliborn, Lord of Time don’t like this fat whore, so I will destroy the city and kill all the heroes BEFORE HER, because she is an incompetent p**sy and I want to spite her!! OHOHOH!!”

“Are you looking for trouble, shortie?”, Bansheea growled at the Cherub as she shapeshifted her body to give herself enough artillery to make US Military blush

“Try me, bitch!”, Caliborn said as he shapeshifted his crowbar in a Tommy gun

“... Oh boy”, Ankoku said “Those two will destroy the planet just to one up the other if we don’t stop them”


“NYA! We need to call BATMAN!”, Medaka declared “He doesn’t pay taxes!!”

“I am going to contact the Archangel Gabriel, they seem freak cases, and we’d better...”

“Ladies. ladies”, Charlotte said as she was witnessing everything from her comfortable chair “Ankoku has jumped out of the window while you formulated plans!”

“IT’S HERO TIME…” They could hear from a distance the most distinguishable expression in Ankoku’s speeches, further muttering to himself: “I am not sure I am worth this love, but… the least I can do is to prove my friends right”

“He shook me off his leg ;A;”, Elphelt whined before saying “Such strength… he … he didn’t skip leg day!!”

Medaka grumbled as she said: “Uuurgh… Anky… he is so… unbelievable…”

“... super cool...”, Elphelt muttered dreamily

“... outrageous...”, Akeno grumbled

“... and amazing…”, Elphelt added

All of sudden all three of them looked at each other and they knew what to say… or rather… sing together…

“Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!”


Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing

Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!

Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing

Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!


We gotta protect him  together


And cuddle him… forever!


Like birds are with feather, we'll fly

Medaka made a jump so good she was almost flying, Akeno spread her wings, Elphelt used her magic to fly as they all moved forward the battle field.

“... Well, aren’t they all just dolls?”, Charlotte chuckled “Ah, the spring of youth…had they only known how many lives they saved by inviting me to check on Ankoku...”


Like rain on a sunny day


Like a million dollars that you're givin' away


Like a stray dog on the freeway, we'll fly


'Cause we're all an harem

All wishing to send him

Dreams of our hero and we doin' our thing

And we'll fly, woo-hoo

“I am totally number one, though” Medaka added only to have Elphelt sadly interject

“No no, Anky will be my husband!”

“Fufufu, ladies, ladies, you are all sweet, and I am glad to be number two in case, but please, do pick a number one, I will be here, watching… maybe with Anky in my arms”

“NYAAA!”, Medaka said to Akeno, a sign to back off

“NEE!”, the Devil King answered

“... meow?”, Elphelt said to both, not sure to understand their kitty noises, but liking them

As the three were talking, Ankoku was knocked off several kilometers by a shockwave of Caliborn and Bansheea’s punches. Missiles and what seemed to be energy blasts rained down the entire place. Without missing a beat and barely acknowledging them. Amused by his skills, all girls began again singing together, all while aiding Ankoku by either shooting down the blasts, redirecting the missiles and doing their best to aid Ankoku in minimizing the collateral damage


Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing

Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!

Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing

Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!

As Ankoku was about to get gunned down  by Caliborn, Medaka pulled him and began dancing with him, somehow successfully dodging all the shots.Ankoku was too confused to fight back


(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT: Anky!)  aish*te ha ikenai

(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT: Anky!)  hito o aish*ta

Uragiru mono no  mehyou ga kieru

ANKOKU: .. O.o nani?

Tossing him over to Akeno, it was her turn to aid to Ankoku as she was shooting down Bansheea’s blasts while holding him

(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT:Anky!)  hitoyo kagiri demo

(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT:Anky!)  yume o misasete yo

Koi ni ochita  mehyou no negai


Gently dropping him off a roof, Ankoku rushed back against the Cherub and the demon as Elphelt began running at his side, creating a barrier to defend both from the onslaught of both monsters!


(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT: Crazy!) saigo no maryoku

(MEDAKA, AKENO, ELPHELT: with love!)  anata ni ageru wa

kagiri aru  


As Ankoku used his scarf to get and charge, the girls joined for the final verse, looking forward to their friend’s victory.


kono inochi to hikikae ni!!


“So… now that you are relaxing here”; the Masked Magus asked while caressing the Grail “... what do you think to do with him?”

As she admired the beautiful panorama of the cliffs of Tintagel,Mordred mused: “Ankoku? Ah, he desires to be a hero of a time that existed only in fables When he will be ready to meet me again, we will”

Giving a nod, the Masked Magus bowed and stated these last words to the readers.

“Acta Est Fabula. Plaudite!”



Ankoku Yami

Mordred Pendragon

Medaka Kurokami

Elphelt Valentine
Akeno Himejima

Charlotte LeBlanc

Lau Mirabele

The Masked Magus


Nui Harime

Magane Chikujoin



Kishiro the Bartender

Lilith Aensland

Jam Kuradoberi

Miriam Rutherford


Gentle Criminal


Rebecca Lee

Goro Majima


Shalltear Bloodfallen


Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Azi Dahaka

Bansheea Krunex


It’s Garmadon - Lego Ninjago

Evil Food Eater Conchita - Vocaloid

My Name - Oliver Twist -Musical

Super Cool - The Lego Movie 2

J - Jungle de Ikou OP



“What are you doing outside?”, Shalltear Bloodfallen called out her new thrall, inwardly amazed she was surviving outside in the morning. She had said she would survive because she was not a normal vampire...bah, ridiculous, yet… there she was, an unsung hero

“Oh, leaking something on the internet, nothing big”, the girl mused “Nui made the right choice in bringing me to you ‘for no reason’, I told her I’d survive! Eheheheh! Thanks for your vampire powers, anyway, I think I will keep them”

“I don’t appreciate your insolence, thrall”, the Guardian of Nazarick commented, before ordering the mysterious girl “State your plan, so I may approve them and support you with the might of Nazarick”

“What can I say? I like chaos. It was fun to activate the Aurora Pillar, now the other Infinity Gems will show up sooner than later… and what about me? Now I am your thrall, sometimes I serve Adoces, at times I am an herald to Nyarlathotep, other times I try to summon Azi Dahaka…”


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