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May 20th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 21
Country: Romania

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May 14, 2019


05/14/2019 02:30 PM 

Category: Stories
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Okay, these are my rules :p you have to know this if you wanna roleplay with me and maybe earn my friendship later on! 1: No outside drama! I have a life too and I know to separate it from rp life, and I try my best to not take RP things too personal. If you start to insult or attack me for no apparent reason you'll be blocked. If you are the ones who try to destroy other roleplayers for personal reasons and make big useless efforts to attack them getting all out of proportion then you aren'r of my interest. I am here to have a good time and forget about my problems, not to act as if this was real life and so important like a job or a career. 2: No bipolarity or trolls (being nice and very enthused about roleplaying with me and then start to being blunt and ignore me forever) I know everyone has lives outside the roleplay (I mean, I have one too, I don't live in a basement alone) and they have a lot of other roleplays and messages to reply, but some times I had been ignored like for two months and the other person didn't even remember they promised me a roleplay. I will not wait all the eternity, I have things to do too. At least a reply per week would be okay. 3: If you're gonna add me at least talk to me once a week. What's the point of adding someone if you'll never even pay attention to them? I think the most logical thing is not messaging more people than you can talk with, if you can't cope with many replies or message then don't add me because I am not as popular as you. I am here to find more partners, not to fill a space in a contacts list to make you look more 'popular'. 4: If you are busy or don't want to roleplay anymore with me, JUST TELL ME AND I UNDERSTAND. I won't wait uselessly for a reply that will never come, I know life comes first and some people has a very busy life outside, so at least a brief explanation would be nice, I'd do the same in that place. 5: I am kinda a grammarnazi so I look for roleplayers with a decent and understandable grammar. I don't ask for perfect replies because english is not my first language and I have a lot of mistakes, but I talked with people with even worse grammar than me, and it made me very hard to understand. 6: if you give me an one line reply you'll get one too. I like interesting detailed roleplays, that's the fun in this. So if you're not gonna make it fun, it gets frustrating and boring and won't take us anywhere, pal :). 7: if you are nice I'll be nice. Be a jerk and I'll be even more 8: No mindless smut with a plot, I don't like any of those gross hentai fetishes, I am just a normal roleplayer who wants an interesting roleplay, I am not here just to fap with texts. 9: if you are going to send a random starter because you like to keep it in character it's okay, but don't expect me to act instantly flirty, romantic or sexy with your character because you are. I like to plan my romance roleplays and have a slow build up. Well! I guess that's all, if I want to add a new rule I'll make a new blog post. Just keep these rules in mind when you want to message me. That's all, bye bye!!


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