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05/15/2019 11:17 PM 

A short Tiger story
Current mood:  accomplished

   Tiger would be sitting on the pourch of his home as the day was calm and sunny out with a light and cool breeze that would come through every now and again. The perfect day to relax and have peace of mind. Rika had gone to an island with Takato and Henry as well as the other tamers to spend the weekend with Takato's cousin, and of course Renamon and the other digimon went along as well. Tiger was invited to tag along but he had opted out as he didn't want to butt in on them, it seemed like it would be a good time for just the tamers to enjoy themselves so he wanted them to have that time together as a group. He looked out onto the surrounding trees and would smile but that would soon come to an end as he would suddenly feel something. This energy was similar to what he had felt before coming form Renamon and the others so this had to be a digimon however it was a much more powerful one. Standig up Tiger looks around and noarrows his eyes as he clams his mind and focuses on the energy source. Tiger would now stand up as he follows this energy signal.

   The trail would lead him to an open area within the forest, as Tiger would come to a stop he would look around but he wouldn't see anyone around however that energy he was following was still there and very close. It wouldn't be long before he would hear a voice calling out to him. "You are not the one I was expecting to show up, I smell the remnants of one of the ones I seek. You however are not one of us, your no digimon yet your not human either. Just what are you?" The voice would call out to him as it seemed to be coming from all angles around him. TIger would stand were he was still and listens to the voice speak to him, he didn't reconize the voice but the tone gave him a sense of anger and resentment. Tiger would look up into the tree tops as the suns rays would be shining through the breaks in the leaves and trees. "My names Tiger Demone, I know your a digimon and a powerful one at that. Show yourself and tell me why you have come here to this world" Tiger would reply back as he would then hear rumbling through the trees and soon a large digimon would appear before him. He was a tiger himself, though his fur was yellow with purple stripes, he had a scarf around his neck with some armor covering his shoulders and back legs. HIe hues were a dark red with three horns on his head, above all else he was very large, however Tiger held his ground. "I am Mihiramon, I am a deva. I came here to execute my revenge on the human loving digimon that had defeated me before. I will show them my true power this time." Mihiramon would state as he growled seemingly trying to intimidate Tiger though that had not been the case.

   "Heh, you sound more like a sore loser to me. You got your ass kicked and you can't take the loss with honor. Your powers a joke, and I will not allow you to go after my friends with out first getting passed me." Tiger would say as he craked his neck and paws before he would take a stance ready to take Mihiramon on and made sure he never reaches the others. Mihiramon on the other hand would snarl with narrowed eyes at Tiger. "Your not a digimon nor human yet you defend them, that makes you no different in my eyes. If you wish to throw your life away then so be it. I'll take you down first!" He would say with a roar as he took charge at Tiger, Mihiramon was quick for his large size and was able to get in close but he had stopped a little short of Tiger to launch his first attack. "Tiger Wing Blades!" He had called out as he would strike the ground with his tail which seemed to have hardened like steel. The resulting strike had sent a shock wave across the ground breaking up the ground under Tiger's feet, Mihiramon was using this to throw him off balance and as Tiger would be stumbling a bit he would charge forward again and ramed his head into Tiger's chest sending Tiger rolling back across the grounbd with a loud groan. As Tiger would roll and tumble back across the ground he flipped back to his feet and would smirk as he would take his turn and rushes back in as well, it was two tigers now going at it in a feirce battle.

   As Tiger charged looking to counter attack Mihiramon would act quickly and would strike with his Samurai Tiger Tail attack, swinging his tail horizontily but Tiger reacted just as quickly and hopped over the attack and now with Mihiramons back to him Tiger slid on his left leg and once he came in close to the larger tigers back right leg he would strike the outter side of the legs knee and stepping forward on his right foot now Tiger brought himself up and turns his body to the left as he drives his right fist into Mihiramons right leg joint causing the deva to roar in pain and hops back and away from Tiger. "How can one so small cause me, a deva pain?!" he woudl roar out as his back right leg nearly buckles under him, he clearly underestimated this creature. Mihiramon would then jump and take to the sky were he felt he would be at a better advantage against Tiger. He circles around keeping an eye on his enemy and soon dive bombs, leading with his front two claws aiming to cut Tiger down. Tiger had been watching him prepare his next attack, with Mihiramon now airborn this became a little difficult but Tiger had a surprise ready for him. As Mihiramon was making his dive bomb Tiger would generate two orbs of electricity in his paws and would extend his paws forward launching two bolts of lightning at him, though his aim was not to hit Mihiramon directly but his wings to ground him and keep him on the ground.

   Mihiramon would have wide eyes as she saw the lightning coming at him, he wasn't expecting Tiger to have such ablities, he had taken him for a close combat type, similar to a Leomon but once again his judgement proved wrong as his wings were hit causing him to crash down to the ground but he managed to alter his direction to allow for some decent space between them as he landed. His wings now damaged and unable to use them, at least for a while Mihiramon would use his ground speed to close in and strike with his Armored Samurai Tail, this attack now gave his tail spikes that had cut across Tigers side causing him to stumble back and go down to a knee as he held his side now bleeding a bit from the cut as Mihiramon wasn't going to give him the chance to recover and came at him with another swing of his tail but Tiger was ready, jumping up into the air Tiger would land onto Mihiramons back and drove his left fist down into spine followed up by driving the heel of his right foot down onto Mihiramons head as Tiger had spun around to deliver the blow seemlessly after the first attack. Mihiramon was forced down into the ground form the two strikes, in pain the large tiger deva would thrash his body which threw Tiger off and into atree close back. 

   As he saw Tiger fall Mihiramon would growl and makes for a quick retreat back to the digital world, this was a faild attempt, he wasn't expecting to encounter such an enemy thus he wasn't preparded. He would jump up into what looked like a portal but Tiger was already up and gave chase and as Mihiramon went through the poertal Tiger had grabbed onto his tail now being taken to the digital world as well. The two would fight in the air a bit before Mihiramon would manage to create some space and flies off as his winged had recovered and allowed for it. Tiger, who had crashed down to the snowy ground below would watch him fly off and soon gave chase after Mihiramon. "Oh no you don't, you shouldn't start what you can't finish" he would call out but Mihiramon was already long gone, still Tiger knew which direction he headed off to so he wasn't in a rush, he needed to heal his wounds as well anyways. Settling down against a rock he placed his left paw over his right side were he had been cut and started to heal himself as he looked around. "So this is the digital world huh?" he says to himself.

   The healing took about ten minutes to complet fully, and once he was fully healed Tiger stood up and now would walk in the direction he saw Mihiramon take off to, knowing he would need time to heal as well. As he would be walking along the world seemed empty except for the odd pink looking balls rolling past like tumble weeds. As he moved along through the world Tiger had encountered a number of digimon, some friendly and others not so much, but to make things easier he just called himself Tigermon when asked who he was. While taking the time to speak with the more friendly digimon in the world Tiger learned that Mihiramon served under the Sovereign Azulongmon, one of four that guard and protect the four areas of the digital world, North, South, East and West. One called Baihumon was also said to be a tiger as well as Tiger was thought to be a lower form digimon that could digivole into a Mihiramon and then to a Baihumon since all were tigers. It was an interesting thought to say the least and Tiger often just agreed and put himself at champion level though he had proven to be just as powerful as an ultimate like Mihiramon if not more.

   Now knowing a little more Tiger continued to head East, if he could find Azulongmon perhaps he would be able to enlist his help but was also prepared to fight him since he was currently hunting down one of his subordinates. As he continued East the world suddenly become dark with night fall, the sudden change was odd but he figured that was just how it worked here. So he found himself a place to rest for the night. Tiger would sleep for a few hours and would wake once again as he could feel the sun shining into his face. Once he was awake and ready to go Tiger continued on his way East. Along the way he would come across more digimon but they were far more kind and friendly, even allowing Tiger to help them out with some little problems they were having, other times he would save rookie digimon from higher level ones looking to take their data, through it all Tiger learned one of the ways digimon get stronger but he knew there was many ways for them to gain power and evolve on their own. As he would help others along his way they would in turn point him in the direction he wanted to go although being warned that taking on a deva was suicide. It would take Tiger about another two hours before he would arrive in the land of the sovereigns, Azulongmons territory specifically. 

   As soon as he arrived he would feel Mihiramons energy close by. Tiger knew it wouldn't take him long to be located and it put a smirk on his lips to be honest. "I know your here Mihiramon, come on out and let's finish what we started back in the real world. You have the home field advantage this time so come on out!" Tiger would call out inciting Mihiramon to come on out and just as he thought Mihiramon would appear landing on the ground before Tiger, growling and glaring at Tiger. "You dared to come to our world and to this land, for that you will be destroyed!" Mihiramon would say as Tiger would chuckle. "Your talking tough now but you were the one trespassing in the real world looking for revenge so whatg do you say we finished what we started then huh? I just hope you don't run away again"

   With that last remark Mihiramon would roar and charged in at Tiger swiping at him with his right claw then his left would continue this assult as it was forcing Tiger to hop back as he dodged each swipe. As he was being forced back Tiger would watch each swipe getting the timing down and soon made his counter move, ducking under a right swing Tiger steps forward and drives his right fist up into Mihiramons jaw forcing the deva to stagger back as Tiger extended his left arm out, his pal facing Mihiramon as he relased a blast of lightning sending him now rolling and tumbling back along the ground. Mihiramon growled as he used his claws to stop himself and would charge in and turns to his right as he went for another Samurai Tiger Tail strike, only this time like with his claws he made a large sucessions of swings as he was keeping Tiger on the defensive. Knowing Tiger would dodge and deflect the blows and wait for a chance to counter attack again Mihiramon would make a few obvious swings to lure Tiger into jumping up and as he did Mihiramon brought his tail aeound sweeping Tigers feet out from under him and as his hit the ground Mihiramon would drin his tail down slamming it into Tigers chest. Having fallen for the trap Tiger now found himself on his back with Mihiramons tail slaming into his chest. Growling in pain Tiger would roll to his right to avoid another hard shot from the tail but would be caught with another swin landing in his jaw sending him flying back and skipping along the ground leaving a few broken up rubble from the impact of his body hitting the ground. Mihiramon wasted no time in following Tiger as we skippiong like a rock over a lake on the ground, now feeling he had turned the tables in the battle. "This is over!" he would call out as he took to the sky and went for a dive bomb, aiming to land on Tigers body and crush him into nothing, however Tiger saw him take to the sky thus allowing him some if not a little time to collect himself. As Mihiramon was making his decent, Tiger woukd wait until he was nearly on top of him before rolling forward and putting himself under Mihiramon as he came down to the ground. Placing a paw onto his his stomach Tiger would discharge a electricity into Mihiramon, more than enough to wipe out power to several city blocks. Mihiramon roars out in pain and would soon collapse over onto his side unable to move as his body is left twitching. Tiger now standing on his feet would walk over to the fallen deva and with a quick swip of his right paw would cut Mihiramons tail off and draps it over his shoulder as the deva yells out in pain. "I'll be taking this." 

   Tiger, now with the tail over his shoulder woudl make his way over to face Mihiramon now but just as he was about there lightning would strike down around them both and one would strike down between them causing Tiger to hop back. The sky grew dark gray abover and a thunderous voice roars from above. "Enough! This battle has gone on long enough" From the dark gray clouds Azulongmon would show himself and desend fromt he heavens. He would look to Tiger as he spoke again. "You have done enough damage here, I ask that you return to the real world." He says as Mihiramon would give a weakend chuckle only to have Azulongmon to snap at him. "Quiet Mihiramon! You had no business going to the real world without my orders. Your desire for revenge has brought shame to your station as a deva. Your lucky he only took your tail, this creature could have finished you had I not stopped him. Your punishment will come soon enough for your actions.!" His tone was far less than happy, he was not thrilled Mihiramon went looking for revenge and then only brought trouble onto himself and their world. He then turns his attention back to Tiger. "As I said, I ask that you return to the real world, there will be no further trouble from any of the devas." Azulongmon would say. "Very well, I'll return but I'm keeping his tail as a reminded and a warning just in case any of the others decide to go against your wishes." Tiger would reply. "You have my word, and very well, Mihiramon brought this upon himself. Now.." A portal would open up behind Tiger. "Return" Tiger looked to him and would bow to Azulongmon in respect before turning and going through the portal returning to the real world.

   Once he was back, Tiger draps the tail over his shoulder as he would then make his way back to his home, a smirk on his lips. He was a tough opponent for sure however Tiger proved he was the stronger tiger.


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