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Sakumo Hatake

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June 26th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 13
Country: Japan

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April 18, 2013


06/08/2019 09:03 PM 

First sample as this character.

Sakumo was every bit like his silver-haired father. From the mask and clothes. Down to his bored expression. The only differences between the two? He had Yuki blue hair, much like his mother. And his headband covered the right side of his face, instead of the left like his father. But otherwise, it was hard to tell the differences. That was unless you truly got to know him. Something that only his family could say that they have become over the years. Still, he was now a full-fledged shinobi and had been for a long time now. He graduated at a very young age. Enough to even shock his parents. He had been on the same team as his older brother and often trained under both of parents. Proving to be a very skilled shinobi. But there were some things to his past that he only wished to forget about. A few deaths and something far darker.

As the morning sun had hung high in the sky, Kakashi had managed to slip from the Hokage office. Despite getting yelled at by the elders of the village. But he had his reasons. He made his way home and walked inside. "Sakumo!" He called out as he softly closed the door behind himself. Waiting long enough for his son to come and meet him. Knowing that his time would be shortened there. and within a matter of a minute or so, Kakashi heard the sound of his son's footsteps coming down the stairs and into the living room. A small smile crossed the silver-haired male. "I have a mission for you. But you will not be working alone. Nor will you be working with your usual team. Your brother is currently away on another mission and I have need of your skills and sharp mind. The Kazekage's daughter is the one that you will be working with. You will meet her at the borders of Konoha and Suna. I'm counting on you, son." Kakashi spoke and handed him a scroll before lightly ruffling his son's blue hair. "Meet with me at the gate when you are ready." He added before vanishing out the door.

"The Kazekage's daughter, huh?" Sakumo thought to himself as he made his way back up the stairs. Changing into his usual shinobi attire. Packing a few light things. And his weapon pouch. "I'm leaving!" He hollered to his mother, who met him by the front door. It still surprised him on just how swiftly his mother could move. without a sound at that. He gave a soft and defeated sigh. He should have known that he wouldn't have been able to slip out without his mother stopping him. She simply wished him luck and kissed him on his forehead. And then stood to the side as he slipped on his shinobi sandals. "I'll see you later, mom." He spoke before sliding the front door open and making his way out. Feeling his mom's eyes on him as he left. Knowing that she would watch him until he was no longer in view. That's just how she was. A very loving and caring mother.

It didn't take him long to reach the villages front gate. Where his father stood alongside Shikamaru. He stopped only a few feet away from them. "Glad you made it so quickly, Sakumo." His father's tone was now of business. This was the time that his son had to act like most villagers. Only knowing him as the Hokage and not his father. But that was for the sake of his families safety. Something that Sakumo had learned with time. "This mission will be a vital one to both villages and their people. It must be taken carefully and with the utmost urgency as possible." Kakashi explained. "We're all counting on your success with this mission. Now you best be on your way. If you come across anything that seems out of your range of abilities. Then send word right away." Kakashi clearly wanted to say more to his son but held off. "Now then, take care and hurry on your way." He added before stepping to the side and Shikamaru doing the same.

Although, Sakumo would have said something to his father if it had only been them. He simply gave a firm nod. "I won't fail, Lord Hokage." Sakumo spoke before taking off in a hurry. Racing down the dirt path at first. But then he took to the trees. Watching each little thing as he went along. Only slowing down as he reached the borders. Knowing that he would soon reach the meeting place. And then he finally spotted her. The daughter of the Kazekage. There was no mistaking it. By her hair color alone. But also the clothing that she wore. He simply walked up to her. His hands in his pocket and a bored expression on his face. 

"You must be the Kazekage's daughter. I'm Hatake Sakumo." He merely stated and waited for her response.


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