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June 26th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 29
Country: United States

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January 02, 2018


06/09/2019 01:29 PM 

Sayia Bio

Name: sayia Kage 

Age: 28 (100 in demon years) 

 Gender Female: Race: kitsune 

 Status: Divorced (single)

 Sexuality -trait: straight

 Personality: very protective of loved ones and people who is close to her. Stubborn cocky triait. Amazing personality once she get to know the person. 

 Class type: S class 

 Abilities: duel wielder (2 handed swords women) teleportation, creates portals where it goes no, one knows. Teleportation and demonic speed. 

 Weapons: Flame whips and 2 swords. 

 Magic element : fire 

 Class type: mage and defender.

 Defender: defends and shields her friends or lover from being attack taken damage then does her own attack being injured. 

 Mage: fire elemental powers and other magic spells to throw the enemy off or destroy the enemy. Sayia is a mage kitsune she is a wanderer she has not found a permanent home to call home.

 She journeys alone to help those who are in need of help. One day she came upon rosemary, some how the pair became really close friends.

 They made a Guild together called, Melamar - O Noss.   

They got many members that joined, not just members they are family. Not only Sayia travels from time to time. She now, has a home she now has a family she protects as well as helping on mission trips.  

Though she prefers to go alone many join her which at times does annoy her how ever she enjoys the company. 

Sayia may portray as a bitch how ever she is not a bitch.  She has a close friend who she call's sister all the time She has many who care about her deep down she cares about them all, she will do anything to keep them safe. She will do anything to keep others safe on a mission she doing solo or as a group.

 Even traveling from time to time to help random people.  

Sayia is not just a mage she is a shield, she is a tank, she is a defender, she will sheild those who she is protecting taken hits along with the spells she cast to protect them. She is one of a kind special mage that others grow attach to very quickly. 


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