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Now I'm feeling, at the end of the rope.
Now I'm falling, down the rabbit hole.
Am I losing my mind? Or I just can't let go?
I feel like I, feel like I'm losing control.

─ ƞeurotic.

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June 11th, 2019

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06/09/2019 10:18 PM 

(♠) ; guidelines.
Category: Guidelines

Pretty self explanitory I hope.
So, let's get into the formalities and then perhaps we can have a cup of tea?

001. I, the admin, am over the age of eighteen & I'm also female for those that care or have a 'need' to know. I'm from the UK, Scotland to be precise. That's all I'm sharing about myself unless I know people on a one to one basis. I don't mind chit chat as long as there's also a roleplay on the cards. I also must mention I can't be on everyday; I have numerous health issues that affect my muse. I'm usually on discord (on my profile) or skype (please ask if you want it) & I take a Wednesday for myself to spend time with my partner. I've been writing since 2013 in many verses (OUAT, Supernatural, Marvel etc).
002. My character, if you couldn't tell, is Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter from Gotham but although that is my main verse, I'll roleplay other versions of him otherwise. The only difference between mine and the on screen version is I roleplay him without the obsession to his sister. Sorry but I'm not into it.
003. It's a no brainer, I accept crossovers. Throw them all my way, seriously. I'm not picky when it comes to characters.
004. Please keep drama away. There's only room for one drama queen and it's already been taken by Jervis, so again, don't bring it to my profile. I don't take part in anything, at all. I'm here to write plus I'm too old to be back in highschool.
005. All edits on my profile were created by me. No exceptions unless stated. I don't mind making a graphic / edit for people here and there. It'll usually only be my mains but if I like you, why not.
006. I love having main people from my verse. Honestly. It doesn't mean I'll ignore people that also roleplay the same characters. Mr Tetch doesn't have a preference of gender when it comes to ships. If you supply him with tea, he's yours.  Do not ask for smut, it ain't going to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble.
007. In terms of storylines, I'm up for anything and everything.
008. Writing preferences I have are paragraph to multi paragraphs. Although I prefer these, I'm not picky. I adapt to other people's writing. Just don't ask me to write novella. That also goes for literacy. I'm not going to be snobby when it comes to people's spelling etc. As long as you can keep the storyline going, that's more than perfect!
Did you want that tea now?
Thank you for reading!


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