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June 09, 2019


06/09/2019 07:46 PM 

The Cipher Rules

1.) Don't bash me. Any harassment or any general bad behavior will result in friend removal.

2.) This account is all things Gravity Falls and Bill Cipher; therefore, memes, references and other jokes and jists will be made. DO NOT friend me if you do not know anything about Bill Cipher.

3.) NSFW is only allowed if: it follows your story and it's one of the times Bill uses his charming looks to bribe and manipulate someone (i.e. your character.) Do not come to me, with an erotica account and hoping to get straight to the point. It won't work that way.

4.) Don't post NSFW links on my statuses or send me NSFW related images. 

5.) If we have an issue, Dm me about it? Don't attack me on stream or statuses, don't attack my friends on streams, statuses, or boards; don't start drama with my friends, on my streams, statuses, or boards; don't e negative overall. I'm an easy-going guy, I'll apologize if I stepped out of line. Simple as that.

6.) Not everyone gets my discord. If you happen to have it, good- great. Share yours, but I don't add just about everyone. Only people I deem wothy~.

7.) What goes on in DMs, stays in Dms. Don't reinact or bring the roleplay to streams. 

8.) Original characters, cross-overs and fan charactrs are allowed and welcomed. 

9.) Do not be rude or prejudice. I don't tolerate nazis, Trump supporters, or people who tolerate any discrimnatory beliefs. You are not welcomed here.

10.) If our roleplay is on pause, let me know how long you'll be away so I know not to bail. I don't wanna get the wrong idea.

11.) Don't beg me to roleplay with you.

12.) Remember to have fun. I'm still a person behind the screen as are you. 


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