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Character Info

Just a little context:
Matsuno Ichimatsu ( 松野一松 ) is from the 2015 series "Osomatsu-san" (though there is a 1988 and '66 version, this one specifically is from the most current). He's one of six brothers- commonly referred to as the Matsuno family or sextuplets- being the fourth oldest, two brothers beneath him. All six of these brothers are identical, though their iconic colors and personalities give away who is who. Ichimatsu wears the color purple. The series is...well, hard to explain, and something worth checking out. It's not linear and has no real plot (not often, at least), so each episode is different. 


Ichimatsu is one of six brothers, as mentioned prior, being the fourth oldest. Or, the third youngest. There isn't much to tell beyond that, other than what is personality and appearance are like. Which, are to be addressed next! 

Cold, quiet, but can be explosive. A cat loving guy who'd even go the lengths to become a cat, if he had the opportunity. His attitude that he puts out is vastly different from how he really feels. The way he acts is usually harsh or rude, also the "scariest" of his brothers. He usually is relaxed, however, hands in his pockets with a bit of a slouch. But on the other hand, when it comes to his brothers he can treat them rather sadistically. Ahhh, siblings, right? Despite his harsh outer shell and attitude, on the inside he's fragile, insecure and lonely. His obsession with cats is a part of this, feeling as if it's easier to have cats as friends rather than real ones. He loves cats. A lot, actually. But, on the inside as well, he also holds a real soft spot for his brothers...

Ichimatsu wears a purple hoodie most commonly, a small green cloud-like design on the front. Blue track/sweat pants with a white stripe on the side and purple sandals to match his hoodie as well. He often wears a white face mask too, and it goes alongside his near constant half-lidded look. He has dark brown/black hair that comes right above his eyes. He's usually a bit slouched, giving him a lazy, uninterested or quiet vibe to his overall look. 

Additional info can be found here: http://https://osomatsukun.fandom.com/wiki/Ichimatsu


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