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Gender: Female

Age: 20
Country: United States

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May 27, 2017


06/10/2019 05:46 PM 

Sophia The NEET Hacker (Bio)
Category: Stories

Name: Sophia.

Age: 20.

Gender: Female.



Personality: Devious, Lazy, quiet, and stoic.

Occupation: NEET. She's never worked a day in her life.

Skills, Talents, and Traits:

Extremely Intelligent, cunning, and quick thinking.

She's the one with a plan, even if you don't know that you're apart of it. She always has a plan B, and sometimes even a plan C if things go really badly. She has the brains of an ideal heist leader, even if she doesn't realize it.

Due to thousands of hours of gaming, She has very good hand-eye coordination, and She can solve problems and adapt to new situations very quickly. This also means she would be a natural at shooting guns- she would not shake at all. Even though she's never actually shot a gun in real life.

Shes a computer Wizard, in every sense of the word. Not only is she a gamer, but a very skilled hacker, with skills far beyond what a girl who hasn't been in school for four years is expected to have. In addition, she's knowledgeable about hardware, not just software. She's taken apart and built many computers over the years. She knows how they work.

She's physically weak, and despite being able to move quickly due to her frame, she has low stamina. There are times where she might ask the people that she hires to carry her if she's required to come along during the heist. This is a serious handicap, so it's something she may try to improve sooner or later. She can run for up to twenty seconds, and sprint for ten seconds.

Backstory: For as long as she could remember, her earliest memories were of playing video games. She barely remembers her family, and the memories she has of her family were of annoyance and even hate at some times. While she doesn't outright hate all of them, her family of four sisters and one brother, split up family where she lived pretty much at both households slowly drove her crazy.

When she was thirteen, her parents were divorced. From there, she learned that the world isn't black and white. From this point on, she drowned herself in video games, spending nearly every waking moment of her life playing video games, when she wasn’t asleep or in school. Her brain was very active as she was always doing something, but, video game time cut into sleeping time, and slowly got bigger and bigger. Soon, she found herself playing games all the way up to when school was starting, so she was forced to stay up for days, sometimes getting some sleep during classes.

Her grades slowly declined, and in a few years time, she failed all her classes. She didn't even try anymore, she just didn't care.

She was on and off school when she was 16, and 17. But when she turned 18, She quit school.

Her family would constantly pester her to go back, or do some kind of school program and get her life back on track, but she ignored them. At times even yelling at them to leave her alone.

This was when she fully became a NEET. Before long, she got bored, and used her skills to entertain herself- she hacked other people to mess with them. This evolved into rich people and smaller companies.

However, one day, she hacked the wrong people.

She hacked into a smaller security company, just to see if she could, During the same time as a group of heisters hacked into it. They followed the trail, and eventually found her.

And, for the first time in her life, she was hired for a job.

They were doing a small bank job, and needed a smaller time hacker that wouldn't charge very much, so, they hired her. She only took 5% of the cut, which, the take was much bigger than expected, so she ended up with around five thousand dollars.

And so, her life changed forever.

She moved out of her parents house, and Drove a truck across the country, all the way to los Angeles. She Bought a high end apartment for 2 grand, and saved the rest for living expenses.

However, it won't be long before she decides to start her own job, once she finds a good crew..


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