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08/08/2019 05:48 PM 

Anime Thanos (actual info about this au)

Do you think you're worthy?

Yuri was a normal high school girl, which tried her best and enjoy even the smallest things in her life. It soon became hard for her, especially when she was older, noticing other things her younger self overlooked.

She started to ask questions about her worthiness, impact on the world and her future. She couldn't find any answer, which would satisfy her, even literature wasn't helpful. It bothered too much, she decides to leave it for now and focus on more important things.

After one month of working hard in a school and practicing writing, Yuri started to dream about a mysterious entity, similar to the grim reaper.

Those dreams were firstly confusing, the entity talked about some imbalance in a universe, heroes from a different world and powerful objects, created by a Celestial entities. It took some time for Yuri to realize the entity wanted her to find those objects and use them for making the universe a great and balanced place again.

The highschool girl wasn't sure about this and had many questions, but the grim reaper-like being somehow convinced her to believe it and listen to it.

"It is your purpose, my dear. You are the only one, who can do this."

Those words still replays in her head, giving her strength and determination, and she promised the entity she wouldn't disappoint it.

Now, the more confident Yuri is on her way to make the universe a better place. On her hand an armored golden gauntlet with a six holes to fill and her friend, from the dreams, whispering her the way, red splatters behind them.

It's not her fault, but her destiny.

"Do you think people will still play cards in the future?"

A thief, an adventurer, a card master and a criminal or, his most famous name, Twisted Fate.

This young man came from a totally different universe and found a beauty in jumping through many universes, even through those alternative ones, by an own-made portals.

Many wants to get hold of his portals, but they were never lucky. The guy always find a way out, even in the most watched prisons. He always leaves a note behind, criticizing their guards, security system or even how the building was built and also writes down how can they improve.

It's unknown if it's Twisted Fate's way of mocking his enemies, or he is just a generous guy. Not much is known about him anyway, but one will be surprised about the many people rooting for him, secretly of course.

For some time, there was silence about him, not even his secret admires knew anything. Many rumors appeared, enough to feed a half of the multi verse, but nobody could tell for sure.

Until last week, when someone spotted him next to a purple haired girl with a familiar glove, which was now confirmed by other witnesses.

It raised many questions in the air, but like every time there will be no answers, people can only wonder why would the famous thief allied with a murderous girl.

Some basic info

This is just some weird AU thing, so no worries, if you don't understand any of this.

It started kinda as joke, nothing serious, but then I give it a little more story and boom...disaster happened. But if it somehow caught your interest and you would like to try this plot/verse or just wanted to play with one of the (or both) version of these chars just message me to discuss it more.

Even if there are many references to Marvel Universe, there's no need to know all lore (from comics or movie), just basic info is alright.

This is just AU made out of fun, nothing to stress about.


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