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August 18th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 30
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 06, 2019


08/08/2019 07:50 PM 


The Past History Characters I had Role-play:

Always remember the good old days and never going to forget those days. The days went by as I had moved on and I'll always put a smile on my face =D. I use to role-play Yoruichi Sama the Queen S.S Kingdom, started on Myspace 9/2008- present. Since my old laptop Acer crash for having the software for 8 years. Lost everything. However, at least a few are saved in my old accounts on Myspace. Been thinking about it, I didn't bring it back and continue role-playing Yoruichi on Myspace through Roleplayer.me then retired role-playing Yoruichi in the year of 2011. Here my old account for Myspace that I couldn't seem to get into it maybe perhaps I'd lost the email and password due to moving before my Acer crashed, and can't remember my email and password. 

www.myspace.com/lovelycat2342 <--- Account still there as.

 Started Myspace than move to Roleplayer.me 2009 -Present: 

 Started role-play Cynthia when Diamond and Pearl release 2009. Still, continue role-playing Cynthia when Black and White release too. Continue role-playing Cynthia from Myspace 2009 then move to Roleplayer.me, retired in spring probably 2010 or 2011 for a long time due to life circumstance. I'd decided to return role-playing Cynthia of the year 2012 not quite sure what month.

 Behind Character Brief Info:

This is all you going to know about me behind my character. Sorry to disappoint you, however, I whether not release my name unless I fully trusted you. 

Gender: Female 

Status:  Taken in real life. I am very loyal and respectful. Do not believe in cheating. I am a mother too.

Body: Average 

Birth Date: August 05, 1989- Type of Leo that HATES DRAMA.

Talent Skills: Artist, Painter, Sculpture, Designer, Picture edit, Layouts design, decorator, Office, Website design, Math, Computer, Video Gamer, Reader, Science fiction like only for outer space, nature,  Weather, Craft, Design, Organize, Cooking, Cleaning, multi-task, mother, and love to learn. Theses talent skills are the highest interest I'm into. Not good at nothing else.

How long you've been role-playing?  9/2008-Present.

Personality: Cool, Respectful, Laid Back, Cheerful, Careful, Nice, Patient, Kind heart, Sweet, Honest, Loyalty, Tell the Truth, Love Learning, Layout Coding, imagination, creativity, Love moon, Night, Star, Silver, Sapphire, Blue, Green, Black, White, and few colors. Love dragons, a wolf and a few things, stones, Pokemon, Bleach and fantasy Collector. Science like outer space, faster learner, communicator and if I'm unsure about something I do ask, hate showing off,  I don't judge you, peace, I'm not here to be right or wrong, I am here to learn, I'm a forgiving friend, but not forgiving when messing with my family, lover, life situation, or being called a lair when I'm trying to be seriously honest, and messing with the two beautiful daughters of mine and my lover, Keep my Real away from Rp, so deal with it or get off my list and learn to respect, because I respect you, but no respect, I will treat you like a ghost, not here for everyone to like me, here to be me like the old days,  here to make friends and build awesome memorise, weather, Artist & Designer, Craft as anything related to Art, Photoshop Editor, creator, story writer, Technology Computer, info updates on games, Video Gamer, Reader, Math lover, Mother, OCD, Music lover, love old and new fashion cars, Organizer, scheduler, and Grammar. Get along great with people, I like to work things out, Talkative at time it depends on how life is and being motivated by it,  I'm a very understandable friend,  Hard worker, here for role-playing entertainment, honestly I started to role-play back on myspace 2008 and I'm really here for friendship and having fun role-play nothing else! Happy for being myself, I love my life no matter what, I'm not afraid to show proof, and I don't take Rp personal. Like to keep my RL away from Rp, I have always been like that back in the days; Myspace. I want it to stay like that, sorry. Don't like showing off my skills since I'm trying to be respectful by at least try to stay in people respectful rage.

Dislike: Bugs, Hate Liars, Hate Drama, hate backstabber, don't take bullsh*t from anybody, dislike to be a meanie, Hate when friends trying to make me turn against one other for no reason, I hate being judged and lie to like I'm stupid and doesn't know the difference, I am against and see it disgusted anyone looks at me like a whore or consider me as one, can't stand people trying to control me and tell me who I should speak, how I speak, and etc.  Honestly, to me, I can't lie worth the sh*t, so don't even try to take me as that type of person that great at lying because I DO NOT KNOW HOW, sorry my mother raised me not to lie. don't believe me ask my boyfriend and my mother, I am not afraid to bring them on here. I already told my therapist and consular about how people here treat me and lie to my face like I am stupid or something. I have to due to mistreatment from my ex, and these doctors that I'm under my treatment care from my high-stress level nerve, depression from judgemental, and word abuse.

Don't treat me like I'm retarded, or didn't finish school, I finish two schools.
Brookhaven High School 2004-2008_ Diploma
Fort Hayes Commercial Art I and II 2006-2008 _ Diploma
Columbus State Community College Art 2008 on fall- present. Decided on transferring to CCAD  ( afterlife situation settle in)( Columbus College Art & Design in Columbus, OH)- Saved my 2 Math books and my Grammer Book still since 2008 Fall.

Here to work only on just past and present term abet, that's it.
The rest, Art, Design, Photoshop Editor, Layout Codes. 

Role-play History:

Carolina 2013-2016 (Dead)
Luciana- 2017-present (placement of Carolina.)
Yoruichi 2008-present (Since back on Myspace. Queen Yoruichi S.S Kingdom Block.)
Crystallia 2017- High Fantasy Skyrim and etc. (Will return once Fantasy Picks up. She update of Rhea Caira, but Better.)


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