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Gender: Female

Age: 30
Country: United States

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March 10, 2018


08/11/2019 12:13 PM 

Character Information

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name: Chisana
Nick Name: ChiChi
Sukoshi Bakuhatsu (little explosion),
Orenjiaidoōga (orange eyed demon)
Clan: unknown / orphaned
Age: 9
Birth place: Land of Tea
Current location: mountainous forest
Affiliation: none

.:: Personality ::.

Positive Traits: caring, playful, kind, generous, dreamer
Negative Traits: shy, anxious, distrusting, timid
Likes: sweets, fruit, veggies, toys, warm homes, family
Dislikes: violence, blood, meat

.:: Physical Description ::.

Height: 3’ 10”
Weight: 50 lbs
Hair: short snow white
Eyes: orange
Skin: pale cream
Build: malnourished
Other: strange unnatural marking on the center of her chest

.:: Shinobi Information ::.

Schooling: none
Kekkei Genkai: Bakuton
Chakra Affinity: undiscovered
Fighting Range: touch
Ninjutsu [Ninja techniques]  0/10
Genjutsu [Illusion techniques] 0/10
Taijutsu [Martial arts techniques] 1/10
Kekkei Genkai [Bloodline traits] 6/10
Doujutsu [Eye techniques] 0/10
Kinjutsu [Forbidden techniques] 0/10
Fuuinjutsu [Sealing techniques] 0/10

.:: Skills & Talents ::.

Survival: due to living out in the wild, she has had to learn from a young age how to survive in both the wild and in towns.
Foraging: living in nature, she has learned how to find all manner of edible things that the forest has to offer.
Direction Sense: the forest can be a hard place to navigate, from her time spent with in. Watching the sun, to the clouds. She has learned how to tell where she is going
Animal Kin: adverse to harming any kind of animal, many with in the forest tend to find chi appealing, even going as far as to become her friends
Simple Crafting: with a lack of replaceable tools and cloths, chi has learned to make her own from the things around her. Using these to build what ever she might need to survive.
Sewing: as long as she can get ahold of the proper materials, chi has learned to repair her own garments.
Stealth: taking tips from the local wildlife, and with her being so small and vulnerable, some times the only way to survive, is to hide or sneak, and this she does well. Aided by her small size.
Stealing: survival calls for a person to do many things they dislike, and unfortunately on her rare trips to the villages around her, she has had to learn to sneak away with what she needs to sustain her life.

.:: Relationships ::.

Parents: deceased
Siblings: unknown
Friends: n/a
Team mates: n/a
Sensei: n/a

.:: History ::.

(Under construction)

Birth of the Bomb…

Fateful encounter…

The test of progress…


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