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08/11/2019 06:39 PM 

Where I Roleplay


To say Aniroleplay is a sinking ship is understatement. It's more of a ship already underwater dragging along the surface. The admin clearly doesn't care to enforce their site, toxicity is literally everywhere, and there's so much drama even the llamas can't handle it.

This is Kamizombie. Some may know me as Chaotic World of Orochi, who permanently left Aniroleplay some time ago to pursue other roleplaying avenues. Well, upon the rumors that Aniroleplay may finally be on its last legs, I'm here to share a far better website that I've been at for the last two years.


What's RP Repository you may ask? Well, it's a roleplaying site. However, it's not just any dedicated roleplaying site. It's one that CARES about its members.

Admin Kim has dedicated herself to making a fun and friendly community filled with optimistic and positive roleplayers who pull one another up rather than kicking each other down. With a dedicated staff, toxicity is next to non-existent.

+ No hate or troll profiles
+ No getting unwanted sexually inappropriate messages.
+ No drama llama nonsense.

Not only that, but since RP Repository is dedicated to roleplaying, there are actually features that help roleplayers find roleplayers.

+ More than one private message (Meaning you can have multiple roleplays with your favorite writers without having to switch accounts)
+ More than one character profile per email (Meaning no more having to switch between accounts to change characters)
+ A dedicated 'Looking for Roleplay' Forum, meaning you can search and find that RP you've been looking for.
+ The ability to sort and archive your messages.
+ An improved group system.
+ Much more coming in an RPR 2.0 releasing some time this year.

So do you want to RP with myself and many other rpers dedicated to story driven narratives, all withou the toxicity and drama? Come on down!


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Don't have rpr

Posted on Wed Aug 14, 2019, 04:15

Alcheon Archive



Posted on Tue Aug 13, 2019, 14:22

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