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May 08, 2019


08/12/2019 12:51 PM 


By the time he reaches his nine-hundreds, Taz'riel will begin to mature. That is, between the years ~130-900 he can be considered more or less an adolescent taking into consideration how his particular branch of his family grows. 

Maturation comes with the following perks: 
✚ Thicc'er thighs. 
✚ Wider hips. 
✚ Longer fingers. 
✚ The ability to control his hair / prehensile hair. 
✚ Stronger hair tensile strength. 

The hair-y abilities would have developed much sooner if it weren't for the incident in his childhood that f***ed up his ability to wield new magic. As it's innate for his branch of the family, however, he eventually obtains the skill.


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