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August 15th, 2019

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June 07, 2014


08/12/2019 04:20 AM 

~ ~ ~ OC Characters Summaries ~ ~ ~
Category: Stories

Brothers whom thru turn of events became siblings adopting each other over a period of time, were both brothers all the while unaware of their own origins..

Older Brother///
Brought up within the 16 century learning of knighthood from the castle kingdoms while keeping his survival instincts from the orcs in nearby Homesteads.  Soon finding himself unable to die due to certain accidents that came to light keeping him from die by normal means no-longer.

Younger Brother///
Young & confused they were found within a high level, multi layered seal sphere by a tall older male not understanding much but locked themselves onto the older being. They were unaware they were older than him but so much different in stature & body size.


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