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The Last Raven

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August 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 29
Country: United Kingdom

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August 12, 2019


08/13/2019 05:37 PM 

Category: Guidelines

  • Drama is a no, I will delete you. Im here to have fun not to deal with more problems.
  • No Unwanted  Romance and/or smut.
  • Since its been over ten years of Roleplaying ive slowly begun to have less time to reply, please understand that i have a real life. 
  • Respect me and I will respect you. Its that easy.
  • Contribute to the discussion of the Roleplay. If you are going to ask me what i prefer i would also appreciate for you to suggest something.
  • No God mode, use it and you're out. (Only Canon characters that are indeed Godlike.)
  • Length of my posts are usually up to two full paragraphs, but i can go lower iff you wish.


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