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08/13/2019 06:15 PM 



Name: Paradisio Harpy

Class: B

Representing sin/traits: Madness, Gluttony, Vanity

Diet: Mortal flesh, disturbed thoughts

Region Found: The Lunacy jungle

Rarity: Uncommon

Unique details: Species is mono gendered (female), egg laying, family units, kidnappers.



Superhuman Statistics: Paradisio harpies are x3 stronger then humans and x2 faster then a swallowtail with nearly limitless stamina. they have been shown to be strong enough to tear though dense bark

Regeneration: Upon consuming the flesh of a mortal, they can exhibit regenerative qualities on par with a moon jellyfish

Power of flight: are capable of hovering and flying with grace and skill

Enhanced communication: Paradisio harpies can communicate over vast distances with subtle sounds

Illusion magic: through enchanted feathers, they are capable of creating "Illusory zones" where they distort the senses of their prey to drive them to madness.



Geographical location: Paradiso Harpies nest within a supernatural jungle known as the "Jungle of Lunacy". This vast forested land is like a sea of cascading colors where the mad souls of once sane sinners wander forever to be the prey of their equally mad predators. The paradiso harpies themselves live within great hallowed trees with shimmering alien colors.

Cultural Details: Paradiso harpies live in family units, born from eggs laid by their mothers and singular father, They are lovingly tended too by their many aunts and elder siblings. Eventually they come of age within 5 years after consuming their first kill in a "ritual of adulthood" They keep themselves relatively clean, unlike other harpy species and generally they play games of illusion. Manifesting a entire fake playhouse to have hide and seek in.

Hunting: Paradiso harpies hunt in their family units. They fly among the trees, hidden among the colorful foliage of the canopy. Once they spot a sinner, they get to work. Using their cast off feathers, they create a "illusory world" which slowly distorts and contorts their prey's five senses. They "salt the meat" by driving them more mad. Once they reach peak "insanity" they pounce, tearing into and consuming their prey whole sale until not even bones remain.

Mating: Paradiso harpies are mono gendered and are incapable of reproduction themselves. When their biological clock ticks, they fly off alone to seek a mate. They will try and find a lesser male demon that is attractive to their tastes, or in rare cases, a strong human. They will perform a sensuous dance in the air while flaunting their colors. If the male is receptive, they will kidnap him and fly him back to their tree. Here, they will mate with the male to produce multiple offspring. If the male bores the harpy, they are known to eat the mate. They usually keep their mate compliant by using hypnotic sap within the tree to keep them in a dazed and drunken state. 

Other Details: One in every four Paradiso harpy is known to "fly the coop" either being disgusted with their man eating practices or being more "sane" then her family. As a result, they fly off to other demonic kingdoms where they become prized consorts, servants and entertainers. Mating and living practices for these 'cultured' Paradiso harpies are much like a mortals.



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