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Ahled (18+)

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August 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: Russia

Signup Date:
August 01, 2019


08/14/2019 06:43 PM 

Royce: 4th character continued

Hair: silver-grey depending on light exposure

Eyes: typically a grey-ish green

Personality: being bipolar this can change greatly. His normal moods would be; mellow, happy, relaxed.
Manic: sleeplessness, energetic, irritability, lack of need for sleep
Depressive: mild sadness, the urge to cry varies, wanting to be alone and antisocial, laying around more often, potentially more drinking than usual, suicidal thoughts.

Favorite foods; steak, burgers, typically anything with beef in it. 

Favorite drinks; redbulls, sweat tea, water, beer.

Clothing style; almost always dark or black clothing that is long sleeved, shirts, pants etc. Hoodies (non zip up)


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