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August 18th, 2019

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May 08, 2017


08/14/2019 10:08 PM 


I know rules can tend to be boring and annoying so I will try to keep this short and painless.

1) If you add, please send a greeting. If I add, I will do the same. Normally my greetings seem pretty generic but I promise you, it isn't cut and and paste. I do prefer messages over comments and I always prefer discussing over just randomly starting.

2) I do not have a discord. I will not make out just to rp. We are on an RP website so It will be done here.

3) I will not take over a character/role just to rp with you.

4) I do not have a problem with mature rps/situations, but I will only do them with people who are 18 or older and if the character is 18 or older. If they aren't, sorry but no dice.

5) Whether my characters are male or female, the person RPing is a male. If that bothers you, I am sorry to hear that.

6) I tend to be busy so I may go for a while without responding. Sadly, RL must come first. So please do not get annoyed if I don't respond as quickly as you would like.

7) Have fun please ^.^ If you have an idea for a story or something you want to try, please do not hesitate to message me. I try to be open minded.


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