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December 6th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: Japan

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August 13, 2019


08/14/2019 09:46 PM 

Category: Blogging
Current mood:  accomplished

Name:Izuku Midoriya

Birthday:July 15
Quirk:was quirkless until all might passed him one for all which is a superhuman strenght/speed but if i use it to much or use up alot of the quirk i tend to either mess up my arms/legs i use to use my fingers but i mostly punch and kick but i do tend to end up in the hospital or with recovery girl alot.

Likes:chilling with friends, training to get full control of my quirk, seeing and hanging out with all might! Hanging out with my mom!

Dislikes:Villians, not being able to help others, seeing his friends hurt, seeing his mom sad or crying

Things i do out of UA high:hangout with friends, chill with my mom, trying not to get on kacchan's bad side.


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