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Power Girl...? (MCRP)

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December 7th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: United States

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May 08, 2017


08/14/2019 10:35 PM 

Character: Dash Ryker

Dash Ryker is currently an earthling who enjoys exploring space while doing a bunch of odd jobs from bounty hunting to delivering packages, to exploring planets. His personality is a goofy but fun loving guy. He hates fighting but does what he has to do for a living. He doesn't speak of his past much as he is ashamed of it, often lying about it at times. (For those Marvel fans, think of him kinda like Starlord)

Age: 21
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite food: Pizza
Height: 6 feet 2 inches


He joined the earth space force when he was 18 in the year 3427. His time in the space for did not last long though. A few months after he joined, his base was under attack. Looking for any way to fight back or escape, he came across a ship hidden deep in the armory. He jumped into it and  despite a painful initial experience, the ship accepted him as its pilot and without thinking he flew off, leaving his planet to be ravaged while he just wanted to get out alive. He didn't really think about the Earth and its state until he was long gone and calmed down.

Since that day, he has traveled from planet to planet doing what he can to survive. Making friends, allies, and a few enemies along the way.

(Yes, this is my own background for it)

Years before Dash was even born, the war raged on between Earth and Mars. Earth was losing and the government decided they needed a new kind of  ship for their soldiers to combat the forces of Mars and future threats that would come after them. The top scientists from around the world came together to design that new ship. The Vic Viper was the result.

The Vic Viper was an extremely fast and defensive ship that had some offensive capabilities in when in ship mode. The secret to this ship was it could transform into a battle mode, and while its speed and defensive capabilities would decrease in this mode, the offensive capabilities would shoot up. This ship was designed to be quick and untouchable in ship mode so it could get close, transform into Battle mode, and take out its enemies.

This ship was the most advanced ship in the galaxy. Because of the speed and transforming capabilities of the Vic Viper, normal controls were not enough to control this ship with the proper accuracy needed. To help the pilots better control the ship, the cockpit and a special helmet would read and try to sync up with its pilots brainwaves to almost become like a single unit to some extent. This however proved damn near impossible for most pilots. The syncing of body and ship either killed most pilots or the ones that survived were brain dead.

After multiple failures to find a pilot to pilot the Vic Viper, the government shelved the project and put the ship in storage hopeful to get back to it one day. However, the next time it would see the light of day is when Dash Ryker stumbled upon it and took it trying to escape the Mars Assault.

Equipment: Missiles,  High Energy Lasers, a powerful shield. 2 Blade arms (In battle mode), an Advance A.I., and more.

Stats in ship mode:
Attack: 2/10
Defense: 10/10
Speed: 10/10

Stats in Battle mode:
Attack: 7/10
Defense: 7/10
Speed: 8/10

Verses Dash works well in:
Mass Effect, Star Wars, Gundam, Metroid, and other Futuristic/space based Universes.


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