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Okam; The Beifong's Slayer

Okam had awoken to the silence of Naught. Nothing was here: not a sight or sound, simply his sensation across the cold, smooth surface. Within his own fear, as a mortal and a child, a calm voice came to him alongside a soft hand, "Come, my child."

From here, Okam was exposed to the world Mother Beifong wanted to create: Tao, or Balance. The natives of this world were inorganic, born straight from the Leylines. This would be the most bountiful place to build the New World. However, this was a gift of the Rukh. The closer you become to the Light, the greater your Shadow becomes. This Shadow took shape within Okam's heart.

Due to the words and teachings of Mother Beifong, Okam believed he could follow his dreams throughout the stones and bad weather. He could move mountains. 

It was because of this belief that his view was limited to the land and he sought to find the Kandi Island after Toff's passing. The Tundra that took over his heart lead Okam to head north, wherein the land was "forbidden". This was home to a separate sect of natives of Gilgamesh, living on the land well before Beifong landed. Once here, he found his people that, quite literally: shook his blood to the core. The Carues'Hemo.

This was a sect that lived on Gilgamesh prior to Beifong's Landing. As such, they had decided something: they would not live on this land. Instead they'd live in the sky in order to prevent interlopers such as she. They had lost there way since Okam decided to bless his presence to the Terrareua. It was as if Okam was under water, left to wander through existence despite the fact he was only traversing through land. It was only because of the Rising Falls that he found the Sky Lands and the Ascended Aasimar K'nuckles.

K'nuckles was tasked with protect the Carues'Hemo in order for his culture to remain separate from Beifong's Blasphemy. As such, and after much trust, Okam was able to grasp this Gem and become imbued with its power of Wrath, Pride and Envy . . . .

Then there was the Blood Moon war. He fought against Beifong with all his might, as a rebellious child. He knew Naught of what he fought for, only that he fought. This was his folly. The Legends are Lost here. The only sentiment seems to be that it was by his hands . . . . by his BLOODIED hands that Toff Beifong, Mother Wytch had fallen. As such, he was labeled a heretic, a hero and a murderer. Even historians scoff at this distinction. All those who go to war are murderers but only Okam has been labeled as such in all records, regardless of the tribe or deity they follow.

Allegedly, only the Okami, or those who follow Okam, know what happened when they found Toff Beifong in the bloodied hands of Okam. There are rumors that it was a blood ritual. Whom enacted the ritual is still a mystery. The only true testament to this scene is addressed by the Okami: The Sun. This scene was viewed at sunrise and Toff Beifong's (alleged) last words were "My time sets, like the sun, while yours will Rise, my CHILDREN."

This translation is lost among all who live on Gilgamesh except secular fanatics. The Zodiac, the Okami, the Primordials and such are among this kin. Because of this lack of proper documentation, the Blood Moon War was set up as a tradition to find the proper ruler of Gilgamesh: The God amongst Kings or the Kings amongst Gods. Almost every sect believes they are of Beifong's "CHILDREN" or that they have been on Gilgamesh since before the Wytch polluted their land. Was this all for Naught? Or possibly a simple move from a deep, dark essence? A Star Guardian . . . . Uve Got'Got?

Okam, however, took the dying words of his late "mother" to heart and beckoned the blessings of the Natives on this land: to slay those who transgressed against her. The Sky Giants ordained this blessing in a lost ritual. Okam was not one to discriminate between his targets. Not in this fury. So long as blood Reigned (Rained).

As the Sun and the Skylands rose to his back, Okam could only see his shadow. The Blood, singed and burned with the furious glory of the Thunderhorse Raigeki, and the blessing of Deth let him know his true path. This soil was stained with blood as the Blood Moon War came to a close and "The Dark Lord" was who would reign for the next Millenia. But he cared Naught for these semantics. He had ascertained a Divinity that would stain even the purest souls in blood.

From here, Okam strives on conflict or "aggressive negotiations." So long as there is a battle to be held, blood to be spilled or a cult that needs to worship, he is there. In the soil. Waiting to ascend tot he heavens. So he can, once again, Rain Blood as Beifong's Slayer.


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