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notes go here! they look best at two lines but you can go wild if you want since they start to scroll~
Dragnof. Home to foreign grace,and powers that were all their own. Located upon the dawn of a new universe this isolated planet of red was something Xander had never experienced before. The ship he rode within was one of the newer models that was given[taken]to him by a few traders he met awhile back. They were selling cargo out of it, but the youthful Nyseui found he could get a better use out of it than they. So he took the time, and after a few hours he persuaded[threatened] them out of it. With that out of the way he fixed the ship up, and eventually polished into a travel class ship after a few weeks. On the outside it resembles one of the numerous pyramids that were built by the Egyptians on the Universe 2 version of Earth that is called Rita Prime. Xander visited this place in order to pick up a few talented Earthlings for his crew, and even managed to find one with a high enough power level to be his student.

With their target destination reached Xander rose out of what appeared to be an iron throne located at the very center of the ship. From there he observed the ins, and outs of the crew with ease. Numerous cameras alongside monitors assisted him in this endeavor as well. However the most helpful piece of this set up had to be the mircophone that allowed him to project his voice all through the ship without every leaving his chair. "I will now leave the ship...My dear student you are in chair here until I return. No one is allowed to set foot upon this planet until I say otherwise. Can't have you all dying on me, now can I?" After speaking these few coy words the man made his way for an air lock within the ship. Pressing a few buttons upon a keypad it opened, and as if by mistake he yelped loudly as if to be crying for help. Of course Xander was find over all, but giving his crew a new heart ache was something that often weighed upon his mind.

While it may be counter productive pulling this overly childish trait was one way he displayed his obvious affection, and the earthlings realized this. Didn't mean they liked, or agreed with it though. In fact they had all now gathered by one of the near by windows within the ships hull in order to shoot him the finger as he descended towards the surface of Dragonof. Normally existing within the vaccum of space was difficult, but due to his Nyesuian cells he was able to do so easily. That made descending towards the surface all the easier, and given his position above the planet he took the time to scout over it from a distance. Taking his time he watched as a few other ships landed, but he simply stood motionlessly in an attempt to decide where he should land.

"There!!" He shouted suddenly as he dove head first through the atmosphere around the planet, before crash landing just outside of Ulthar. The impact alone didn't do much to Xander, but of course the ground itself crumbled under his wake. A small crater that was no bigger, or smaller than a football field at been formed ass a result. Needless to say the young lord was fine, but the ground would most likely never recover. "Now then....where should I begin? Making a friend, or two could be fun."


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